Illinois Radon Licensees

How many of you Illinois Radon testers have a professional License and how many have a technicians License?
And any pros and cons for either.

You have to work under someone else’s professional license (like Radalink) to have a technician’s license or you have to get your own professional license. Many guys rent the equipment and thus have the tech lic. If you own your own equipment or just do canisters and such then you might get the Prof. Lic.

If I haven’t explained that correctly someone edit it. I’ve looked into it several times and have always come back to subcontracting it with a slight up-charge.

Yes I am familiar with all that, I was wandering the pros and cons of Tech or Pro

Yes, my point is you are asking the wrong question. The license is driven by the type of radon testing company and equipment/tests you choose. Those are the things you should get the pro and cons of.

Do you want to hire other inspectors or radon techs?
Do you want to rent equipment or buy it?
Do want to work for yourself or someone else?

Get the pros and cons of those types of questions.