Illinois Radon Question

Good morning to all Illinois radon pros!
I finally decided to add radon measurement to my increasing list of services. Do I have to go only to a state approved qualification course provider to prepare for the state exam? Is Radalink the only provider of the course in Illinois or can I take an ESA course? What’s the difference between a radon technician and a radon professional, if any? How much does it cost to maintain the license annually? Thanks in advance for this valuable info.

Contact Shawn Price at Air Chek, Inc. 800-247-2435 X812
We worked with radonalink (good class)back in 2000, switched to femto-tech monitors with reports from Air Chek. For schools and multi living complexes we use Air Chek’s passive charcoal test. Thousands of tests later not one complaint about service.
Your question … Shawn can answer most any question, they work with people across the country.
Bernie at ESA does a good job, nice guy.

Doug Wall, CIE
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