"Illinois Standards of Practice & Legal Issues for Home Inspectors" online course

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Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • follow the Illinois Home Inspector Standards of Practice;
  • disclose information properly to a client;
  • report required content in a written format;
  • follow required business practices;
  • comply with Illinois-specific applicable laws;
  • understand the aspects of the home inspector licensing act;
  • communicate general knowledge of Illinois Human Rights Act; and
  • apply general knowledge of contract law.

Students are free to pose questions and comments here and join in the conversation with other students. The thread will be monitored by the course instructor.

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The “correct” answer that you have for next to last question at Quiz # 2 is incorrect.

This question also had Incorrect answer on the Final Exam.


It is the responsibility of each licensee to notify the Division, in writing, within _____ days after any change of name.

You have correct answer as 2 Days, that’s wrong. The correct answer is 15 Days.

Quiz and final exam have been corrected. Thank you.

Getting and maintaining a home inspection license in Illinois is more difficult than a lot of other states. For the benefit of the public, it may be best that other states consider upgrading their license requirements to match Illinois’s.

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For my research project I have chosen Electronic Signatures for Home Inspection Agreements. I chose this topic since many inspection reports, including their associated contracts are electronic. It also allows for faster turn around than physically signing and sending contracts. Fortunately the law has caught up to the electronic age and generally recognizes electronic signatures as binding.


Bidets are an interesting concept. I did not realize they were secondary to a toilet. I always thought they were an alternative. I can see lots of benefits for multiple reasons. there are very bathrooms that can accommodate both. There is quite a price increase associated with a bidet.

The “Sixteen Steps That Help Home Inspectors Avoid Lawsuits” was a great article with loads of valuable information. In an overly litigious society, a home inspector has to really cover his backside. There are plenty of counter-measures that can and should be taken and it’s best to be aware of each and every one of them.

I found “Asset Protection for Inspectors by Nick Gromicko and Kate Tarasenko” a very good read! I think every home inspector needs some sort of legal protection. I have several corporations used for asset protection and think it’s a great move.

The article I read for my research was how agents can limit their liability with regards to home inspections. One key is that an agent should insist that a homebuyer use a professional home inspector. Another huge tip was to manage your clients expectations of the inspection and be clear that it will not identify all problems.

I am writing this essay about clogged-drain-window-well-2d.jpg from the gallery. This picture illustrates what can happen if a window well drain is clogged. Moisture can sit in the well, seeping into the foundation, window frames can rust and rot. All that is needed to prevent this is to add a window well cover and to clean leaves and vegetation from the well.

My article was “A Garage Inspection”
by Kenton Shepard. The inspection was of a garage attached to a town home. In this article, photographs were included that indicated the following problems with this garage: inadequate metal connector (hanger);
inadequate fasteners (deck screws); and
improper fastener installation (through drywall). Mr. Shepherd went on to describe the reasons for each defect. The discussion regarding withdrawal verses shear strength was interesting. Mr. Shepherd concluded that a “catastrophic” structural failure was possible.

This essay is in regards to protect your individual assets from legal action.
The only thing i am weary about is legal action against me by disgruntled
clients. The 1st thing is to incorporate s an LLC and also get a FEIN # from the
federal gov. Important to keep your business and monies separate from your personal. Go over the wording correctly in your reports by using "I could not see any (what ever defect) at the time instead of NO evidence of because a judge will rule that as language as ambiguous. Best policy is do a good job and document everything with pictures.

For this research assignment I chose pricing and billing for home inspections. Its a difficult task to try and set an accurate price per inspection as you don’t want to underbid and lose money, but you also don’t want to overbid and lose out on an inspection. This article helps put everything in perspective and is very beneficial when deciding how much you should charge per job.

The article “McMansions and Energy Inefficiencies” discusses the rise in the construction of houses with floor plans 4,000 square feet or larger that have little architectural style. These houses have had a rise all over the country since the 1990s and attract people with lesser means that the ultra-wealthy an opportunity for opulence. Unfortunately these houses that boast large staircases, room sized walk-in closets, gigantic kitchens, and 9-10’ ceilings are extremely energy inefficient. The article goes on to discuss how in an era that is determined to make things more energy efficient and “green”, we are also making things bigger and bigger in the United States. In 1953 the average house was 983 square feet compared to in 2004 with an average size of 2,349 square feet according to the National Association of Home Builders. Hopefully, with a recent increase in the popularity of the so called “tiny homes” that are made essentially on the surface of a trailer, an equilibrium is achieved.

I did my research paper on “Condensation Inspection”. Condensation forms when the temperature falls below the dew point. Metals, especially copper, is where condensation occurs first. Condensation typically forms on plumbing drains, cold water pipes, water pressure tanks, in windows and plumbing fixtures that are in constant use.
Several steps can be taken to help prevent condensation from occurring: using a dehumidifier, removing plants and other items that add to a house’s relative humidity, insulating cold surfaces (cold water pipes), or ventilating the area to reduce the humidity.

Research Article:

For my course research I read the ‘Property Appraisal’ article. The article provided me with a little more understanding of why an Inspector is not allowed to comment on the asking price of a property and whether this represents fair market value. Nor offer an opinion as to whether the buyer should or should not enter into a transaction.

Blower Door Research :

When air pressure and air flow are controlled and measured, they can provide data about how airtight a building is. The three variables involved are pressure, flow and holes or leaks. A change in one of these factors will produce a change in at least one other factor. Since the goal of a blower door test is to locate air leaks in the building envelope, data regarding air pressure and flow can provide information about the holes, which may otherwise be tough to find.

For this assignment I read the article hoe agents can limit their liability with regard to home inspectors. The article talks about how the majority of lawsuits in this area are frivolous and don’t amount to much more than lost time and money. The article goes on to point out some practical and common sense ways to help prevent this from happening.

Mold can be the cause of trigger allergic reactions in people such as sneezing runny nose and dermatitis. It can also affect people that are not allergic to anything this includes eye or throat irritation. Carpeting can be a high risk for mold growth because it retains moisture and dust which mold feeds on.

Contolling humidity levels indoors can help prevent mold growth. A rubber slab carpet padding though more expensive is a benefit to deterring mold growth. All spills on the carpet should be cleaned immediately.

Mold spores are constantly around us and it is very easy for them to grow into mold. Being aware of what and where it can grow easily will always help to keep the air quality of a home healthy and safe for the inhabitants.