Illinois State Chapter Adopts New Rules


It never ceases to amaze my how out of touch with reality some people can actually be. If those poor guys in Southern Illinois are gonna get some affordable CE they are going to have to form their own chapter sans these restrictions.


What are you talking about? It’s already a state law.

That would fufill the “or approved representative of a Local, State, Federal government agency” portion of the new rules.

That being said however, I don’t understand the need for all the other conditions. If you can’t teach CE’s unless you’re a licensed provider and you only need that to be eligible to teach under this new rule, it seems a bit silly to waste the time and ink to come up with the other rules. But hey, it’s not my time or ink.

The southern IL guys can form 100 new chapters, won’t change the law.

The license references providers. In this case it is NACHI (not the Illinois state chapter) who is the “provider”.

Notice that this “new rules” refers to “instructors”, not providers. There is nothing stopping a chapter from having an instructor that does not meet these (chapter specific) restrictions.

If the Illinois state chapter only wants instructors that meet those requirements, they are entitled to do so. At the same time, there is nothing preventing other chapters (or future chapters) from choosing who they want to have instruct courses.

Obviously people who meet these restrictions could end up being much more expensive (and not necessarily more qualified) to present a variety useful and informative courses. In other discussions on this message board it has been pretty clear that these kinds of rules serve no one.

It is silly to draw up a set of rules like this unless one has their own agenda.

That being said I will assert that this little set of “rules” have been drawn up as part of a political and person battle, at the expense of others. I’ll be happy to explain to anyone who cares to know what I am aware of, in this regard. But I would prefer to do so in a members only area, or privately.

Ahh…you are correct.

Neglected to read into it as much as I should have.

I have my own ideas about why they were enacted.

I know I’d also be inclined to start a new chapter before I’d be willing to submit to these rules.

But, no one asked me and I am not a member of this chapter.

Who is, besides R. Myers? Does anyone know?

I am sure you are not the only one that no one asked! It appears to have come down as more of some sort of edict as opposed to a culmination of some sort of NACHI member consensus.