Illinois State Chapter of InterNACHI

Is offering an i***n demand course on March 28 and 29, 2008!***

Commercial Inspection
Don’t miss this comprehensive two day course with
**InterNACHI’s National Training Consultant: **Gerry Beaumont

*Gerry Beaumont *has a successful Commercial Inspection Company in Florida. So if you are interested in learning the in and out’s from an experienced commercial inspector, then don’t miss this event.

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Illinois** state chapter of InterNACHI**

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This course is approved by the State of Illinois for 3 CEU’s and is being offered on March 27, 2008 at Pheasant Run Resort from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. ***Visit us at: ***](

[FONT=Times New Roman]The fee will be $50.00 for InterNACHI members and [/FONT]
**[FONT=Times New Roman]non-member fee is $75.00. **[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]*If you register (or are registered) for the Commercial Inspection Course to be held on March 28 and 29, your fee for the Deck Course is waived. Please of are registeredlet me know if you plan to attend the Deck course.[/FONT]

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Thanks Dale Duffy - (I would highly recommend Gerry’s commercial inspection course for anyone interested in knowing the advantages which are available to anyone interested in doubling or tripling your income verses just doing home inspections. Oops…I just looked at the prices for the course…well you will make on average three to four times the cost of the course for a very small office building…:wink:)

Below is the overview and outline for the Commercial Inspection Course being held on March 28 and 29. Please note the section on ADA compliance – this should be helpful to all Inspectors.

If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to call me (618-830-8283) or Gerry.

2 Day Commercial Inspection Course

Overview and outline

Day 1 morning session:

Introduction: (1/2 hour)
· Commercial inspections, markets & opportunities.
· Introduction to the ASTM standard.
· Overview of relevant sections of ADA regulations.
· Systems to be addressed, Site, Structural, Roofing, Electrical, HVAC.
· Overview of Reporting issues.
1. Commercial Inspections (3 hours)
o Who buys Commercial Inspections and why? Discussion of the various types of clients who may need or be required to have inspections, covering: Commercial lenders, insurers, buyers, lessors, lessees, management companies, home owner associations.
o Marketing to Commercial clients, selling in a business to business environment. Who do we really need to hear our proposition? What do they need be convinced of? How to find your target markets, which groups to join to get exposure.
o Negotiating the inspection, the “scope of work” defining the inspection, how to price commercial inspections, meeting the clients expectations.
o The practicalities of Commercial inspections, how big is the job, do you need extra inspectors? When do you need subcontractors? How to find specialists, what do you need to pay subcontractors? Does the client require projected repair costs? And if so how to prepare them.
Day 1 Afternoon session:

  1. Standards of Inspection (1 hour)

ASTM 2018 what does it really mean, how should it be applied to inspections.

  1. ADA** Compliance Issues** (3 hours)

·Tier I, II and III assessment.
·Path of travel: curbs, ramps, doors etc.
·Parking requirements.
·ADA bathrooms.
·Disabled living spaces.

Day 1 Evening session (optional): war stories, joke telling, drinking (optional), etc.

Day 2 morning session

4.1 Systems evaluation (4 hours)

·Site considerations:
oHardscape: roads, driveways, footpaths.
oLandscape: Drainage, retention ponds, irrigation.
oLighting & signage
·Structural issues:
oSteel framed buildings
oPoured in place concrete
oLift-up/tilt-up concrete
oCurtain walls & cladding systems
·Roofing evaluation:
oSteel & timber truss systems
oRoof decking systems
oCommercial roof coverings
§Built up and Tar & gravel
§Single ply membrane systems
§SPF (foam systems)
§Sheet metal roofs

Day 2 afternoon session

4.2 Systems evaluation (2 hours)

·Electrical systems:
oOverview of 3 phase supply & distribution
[FONT=CourierNew]o[/FONT]When to inspect and when to defer
oEmergency lighting

·Commercial HVAC:
oOverview of commercial AC types
§Geothermal systems
oCommercial heating systems
oHotel through-wall systems

5 Reporting Findings (2 hours)

oWho is reading the report & why?
oGetting the right information across
oThe facts and just the facts
oIncorporating auxiliary data/reports
oRepairs/Probable costs



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