Illinois State Chapter Roffing Course

Just got back from the roofing course, presented by Gerry Beumont, and put on by the NACHI State Chapter.

Great course! Great food (really!!! The deserts were GREAT!). It was also a very nice venue.

My hat is off to Ken Sitzes. He put together a very good course and the whole deal was a class act. From what I can tell, he set it all up by himself (except Gerry, who taught and who is always a class act! British, you know. He can’t help it. :mrgreen: )

Ken, you did REAL good! Thank you.

Sorry more NACHI guys didn’t come. We really have to stop with jurisdiction games and stuff like that. The different NACHI Chapters are all on the same side, NACHI, but sometimes we act like different associations. This is sad and I hope it will change.

Well, let’s look forward to the future and learn from the past.

Remember, it is not about individuals, it is about NACHI.

Hope this helps;

Hi to all,

Thanks for the kind words Will, it was a pleasure as always to see you and the other guys from the Chicago area.

I whole heartedly agree with Wills comments about the venue and the work that Ken Sitzes and his wife put into the event, Kens preparation for the event was fabulous, and it went off flawlessly (other than we could have done with more time :wink: ).

Ken went to great lengths to make the event as professional as it could be, with pre printed name badges, pre-printed reciepts for the attendees and Even went so far as to produce printed and bound copies of my course for the attendees. Ken is as Will said a class act and a credit to Illinois NACHI.

I hope that some/all of the political BS between the various chapters can be put to rest, what we can achieve as a united front far exceeds what any individual member or chapter can do.

Below some pictures of the event

Thanks to all who supported the class



IMG_0011 (Small).jpg

IMG_0010 (Small).jpg

IMG_0015 (Small).jpg

IMG_0014 (Small).jpg

Ken & Gerry,
Thanks for your all your effort. Nice venue, comfortable chairs, good food and a very knowledgeable instructor. A day well spent. I’m glad I was able to attend.
Thanks Again,
Mark Jones

Allmark Home Inspection Services Inc.
Serving All Of Northern Illinois

Thanks to all who attended the Roofing Course on Saturday. Gerry is an outstanding presenter and really made the course a success.

A big thanks to Will Decker for loaning his projector for the course. It was good to have the Chicago chapter members attend as well as the guys who drove in from other areas.

The staff at Illinois Beach State Park did a great job of setting up for us and keeping everything running smooth.

I hope we can have more of these events in the future and work together for the benefit of all NACHI members.

Thanks again to Gerry for making the trip!

I am really really sad that I missed this one…:(:cry::cry:

I did have a chance to see some magnificent houses in Historic Galsburg Illinois! Stayed in a 1880 Queen Anne that just blew my mind!