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This is the first time I’ve seen this. I’m sure the more experienced have seen these or some other variable. I understand the make up air concept (though the house had ample return air capacity) and the benefits of pressurizing the house. I live in the land of super cold. Seems that intaking subzero fresh air would be a strain on efficiency. I did not see anything that looked like a ‘turnoff’ Looking for some other opinions please
mike in MN

thanks for input mike…i had actually checked out this site, and while i think the concept looks good, i was wondering about other peoples opinions about the idea of sucking in subzero air and then having to heat it. many applications turn out to be subjective depending on so many variables. with so many fine inspectors working across vast expanses of dramatically differing environmental situations…there may be some conflicting opinions. others’ experience, ideas and opinions are valuable to me.
mike in frosty MN

I like it All homes leak air in this case some of the air gets heated instead of cooling of other various parts of the home .

excellent answer roy…that was a great point…thanks
mike in MN