Illustrations on energy use.

Like this site since it is entertaining as well as informational and has some great graphics showing energy use.
Check it out right here…

Thanks Bob

Good site, but somewhat deceptive. Look at their bullet points:

Point 1: How does the average U.S. hosehold standard of living compare with that in Albania.

Point 2: Why do they use 2005 numbers? Because the oil prices in 2005 were about 30% higher than they are today.

Point 3: End users has also changed. A/C is much more efficient today, as is heating (and they use electrical heat rather that natural gas, as a comparision.

Statistics can be used to lie, but only to someone who doesn’t know about statistics.

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Do we really need yet another political thread? :slight_smile:

I mentioned nothing about politics in my post.

Just commenting that some people have an agenda, and their reasons might be political.

I prefer to deal with facts.

Hope this helps;

Great diagrams! I especially like the condensation in the ceiling, can light sealing and exterior wall details!

I am moving to Albania and opening a flashlight store!


Did you mean 20% lower in 2005? Oil peaked in 2005 on August 11th at $60 barrel. It is hovering around $75 a barrel, currently. Maybe Con-Ed was in some type of oil hedging options and they were buying at $97 a barrel and guessed wrong.

Wellhome is the largest energy auditing company in the US. They are owned by Masco. Masco owns a lot of companies including Behr paint and Kohler plumbing fixtures. I have meet several of their local branch guys, all are super professional and they do a great job.


You’re always causing trouble Bob.