I'm a "former" Philly fan as of today.

Death to Michael Vick. Well, that might be too harsh. Let’s just hope he suffers a career ending injury. What a classless team.

For those who don’t follow football, scumbag Michael Vick hanged dogs from trees, electrocuted them with jumper cables, held them underwater until they drowned in his swimming pool, and even threw his own family dogs into the fighting pit to be torn to shreds while he laughed.

I agree. Loser of the Century Award.

With his fat coach right behind him. Hope Andy Reid chokes to death on a cheese steak. What a classless team.

Former Philly fan.

I can’t believe any team took that scumbag back. I can’t imagine what the first game is going to be like. I hope the fans make it enjoyable for him. :twisted:

I just spent a week out in Philly, just before they announced they signed him. It’s my understanding that most of Philly doesn’t want him there either.

Anyway, I’m glad I experienced Philly without that hanging over the city…awesome Philly cheese steaks at Jim’s, a lot of history, jazz concert at Penn Landing, yada yada yada…still a great city to visit!!

Vick paid his dues. He’s entitled to rehabilitate himself.

Kudos to the Iggles for giving him the chance.


Did he pay his dues to the neighbor boy who’s dog he destroyed? Did the dogs get a second chance? I say give him a second chance too… let him work construction. He deserves to “try” to get a second chance. I hope that fat “fu…” Andy Reid chokes to death on a cheese steak.

I’ve seen murders of real people get a better shot at a second chance than some of you are wishing for this idiotic dog slayer.

Let’s get some perspective gentlemen.

Amen Michael.

P.S. I should disclose that I’m pretty much a fat f… myself, and don’t actually wish Andy Reid death, but boy did he lose a big Eagles fan!

I doubt he is going to be sticking around for long if you know anything about the way Philly handles things on their own. He probably should think about renting instead of buying a home and setting up perminant residence.

Oh…Good I thought you were talking baseball…GO BRAVES!!!

Neighbors should be warned to hide their innocent pets.

And then have to register as an animal abuser!!!

I’ve calmed down in my old age, but there was a time when I was a young man that had someone electrocuted my dog, I would have methodically and quietly taken him out… and I don’t mean to dinner.

And the first time McNabb goes down and Vick comes in to lead the team to victory with his running and passing, no thought will be given to his past.

I doubt if anyone had second thoughts about Leonard Little and his manslaughter case. Oh wait, he went to the Pro Bowl a few years later.

Or maybe Ray Lewis. Let’s see, was that two murders? Nah, he made a deal in exchange for an obstruction of justice charge and testimony against 2 friends. Nobody pays attention after his many Pro Bowl appearances.

Then there is Jamal Lewis, Christian Peter, “Pacman” Jones, Tank Johnson…

During the 2007 NFL season, 21% of players had arrest records.

Don’t get me wrong. Personally, I think he should have been fed to his dogs, but he has served his time. Now that he is out, if he can still play at the NFL level, let him play.

Everyone deserves a second chance. But he wasn’t caught harmlessly stealing a car, writing a bad check, or smokin’ some weed. I’m guilty of 2 of those 3 myself.

He was caught torturing dogs. That’s a whole different ball game IMHO, no pun intended.

As bad as this sounds…What about the Chicken Fights, Bull Riding, and the rest that goes on??? Not that Im defending his actions but what about these kinds of activities that go on un-noticed?

I don’t know exactly where to draw the line. All I know for sure is that smoking weed is on one side of it, and electrocuting dogs is on the other.