I'm a "former" Philly fan as of today.

UMMMM…I know which side IM on…someone got some jokers???

From your lips to God’s ears.

McNabb stinks. He throws more ground balls than Ryan Howard in infield practice.

A little perspective. They eat dogs in Korea and many other places. “Number 1 chop chop” one local assured me while making an offer I declined.

I like dogs. I don’t worship them.

We kill cows, pigs, chickens, goats and other animals for food. Is killing for food somehow morally superior to killing them for sport?

Get a grip. Vick ran afoul of an American law doing something that is not outlawed elsewhere. He did the crime and he did the time.

I also think that Dante Stallworth is getting railroaded. Yes he was over the “statutory” DUI limit. I have known many individuals who were over that limit at all times and whom I would drive from Philly to LA with. They had capacity. Apparently Stallworth did, too. He stopped and offered assistance, two indices of an individual who is not inebriated, notwithstanding what his blood alcohol level is.

I just hope the morons who populate Philadelphia sporting events and have driven me from ever attending one do not torture him.

I know. Might as well wish for a million dollars while I’m at it.

You took the words right out of my mouth. I like dogs too in fact I like most animals. I gave up hunting decades ago, not because I am against it in any form but I really hate dragging my *** out of the warm bed to sit in the forest in the cold and wet environment. As long as Winn Dixie is still the Beef people and I can go hunt me up a steak already killed, dressed and ready for the grill I ain’t hunting a damn thing until I have to, to survive. That leaves more deer and other critters for the rest of the hunters.

I was going to say, a tortured (strangled) dog is the opening act for a Fillipino wedding, and usually the main course for the reception feast. Other cultures eat dogs, cats, rats, frogs and every kind of creeping damn thing under the sun and in my younger days, when I had been properly lubricated I have been known to eat some pretty scary **** while overseas.

The same people who get their panties in a wad over a dog or a baby seal don’t bat an eye at the aborting of a human baby.

He paid his due , Now it is a new start, As far as DUI i have no tolerance for that. I had to scrape up to many after a drunk hit them. Whether they can drive and act normal their reactions is slower. I hate it when A celebrity or Jock gets off just because Who they are and have the money to Hire the lip service to get them out of trouble. Break the law pay the piper . Perhaps People that think they can Handle 3 or four drinks and drive should help cut someone out of the wreckage someday , Or pick up body parts up. Btw .126 is pretty high

Dont even put DUI in this catagory in my opinion.

*Killing *a dog to eat it and torturing it to death for laughs are 2 very different things IMHO.

Vick is sick.

Wow. Yeah, it is. I didn’t know it was that high.

I think that .08 for a lot of people is not very high, though. It should be .10.

We had a pilot at CKV who got killed in a crash and he was .26!!! I don’t know how he found the active runway much less got airborne.

Well, yeah. That’s certainly true.

I just believe - or want to believe - in redemption.

Anyone who is now a “former” Philly fan because of the acquisition of Michael Vick never was a true fan to begin with. In subsequent posts, people have brought up valid points about the fact that we hunt animals such as deer, moose, birds, etc., etc. In some countries, they eat dogs. And that Ray Lewis essentially killed someone and became the NFL’s most prolific linebacker.

I abhor what Vick did. It’s reprehensible and disgusting. He did, however, serve his time. Football is a business. And the single objective is to win the Superbowl almost by any means necessary. If Vick can contribute to that goal, and I think he can, then I’m all for it. Nobody can change what he did in the past, but I can certainly look forward to what he can bring to the Eagles organization.