I'm a little busy today...

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I appreciate that you are busy today. That is great for you, and I am happy.

For some reason, despite the fact that you were running all over the message board posting and avoiding at will, you maintained that (for at least one topic regarding disclosure of certain e-mails) that you were “not in a position” to post those things you were chided over.

Let’s cut to the chase…

May we assume (assuming is a bad things, sometimes) that the e-mails will not be forthcoming anytime soon.

Is this correct?

This way, the discussion and wait can finally end.

Ahh, the dissembling begins. :roll:

What a loser!

You know what? Whenever I plan on having a busy day, I wake an hour earlier to get a jump on the day.

If the busy day “just happened”, that doesn’t say much for your management skills, to let the day get away from you.

Geez… It’s not like you are inspecting a home that turns into a total POS nightmare, and you get trapped in the crawlspace, thus setting you back 30 minutes in your schedule!

Was that a typo? :smiley:

Ha! Either way. :smiley:

I doubt it was justone group of members who where waiting for this day. Many were waiting for this grandiose day but this was the predicted outcome.

I highly doubt anyone really expected you to keep yor word, why would change anything today.

I guess the matter is ended.

Nate is busy. The e-mails will remain under Nate’s self-imposed gag order.

Nate has saved himself from the embarrassment, and the discovery by all of the true meaning “blather”, for that is the summation of all of Nate’s claims on the subject of the complaints lodged against him, his absolute knowledge of them, and his ability to defend himself.

Ho hum. Nothing new here.

Poke Nate’s excuses and fabrications with a fork.
They’re done.

Well to be fair to Nathan he was a little ambiguous as to when and if he would post them.

post 753 http://www.nachi.org/forum/f14/members-plan-pledge-protect-privacy-home-buyer-83128/index38.html#post1077537

post 268 http://www.nachi.org/forum/f5/why-does-international-association-certified-home-inspectors-have-code-ethics-83713/index14.html#post1076666

We shall see just how much integrity Mr. Thornberry has.

Joe,? “saved himself the embarrassment” ? Now that is funny. He had the chance to be a man and stand up for himself, take the heat or prove himself to not be a liar. Look at the choice he made. Of course I highly doubt anyone here really expected any other outcome, I know I didn’t.


Busy doing what? Reading this message board?

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How strange am listed seeing as how just jumped on here 1 minute ago.
Gosh must come here 20 times a day at least.
It’s my distraction page.
Not sure it is even possible for me to go through a entire report without it.
Must be ADD.

What a bunch of losers .

Ease up, don’t be such a Roy.:p:p:p:p:p:p

Thank you Linas for reminding me. … Kisses ! LOL !

Please explain that comment Roy? Did any of us say we were going to do something today and then Lied about it ? do tell my good man.


Don’t bother. He’s just stirring crap again.

I dare you to find a post of his that is useful.

Nathan, Nathan , Nathan

Where are you?

It’s after the 22nd

What’s up?

Is anyone really surprised?

I highly doubt it. It is quite obvious that these emails will not show that Nathan was telling the trut but rather the opposite, hence the failure to post them.