I'm a Little Confused About Preequisite and 1st Year Courses

Hi folks.

I’m a little confused. Listed as Prerequisites are an Ethics course and SOP course (which is what I’m doing now), followed by the Online Inspector Exam.

The 1st Year courses (after one passes the OIE I guess?) all seem to be things that I should know in order to get my CPI certification, which itself is listed as a Prerequisite. Seems backwards?

Also, in the SOP course there are other courses suggested … sometimes these suggested courses are either a: chapter of a 1 Year course, or; one of the full 1 Year courses.

What course material is used for the OIE exam? Shouldn’t I know all of the material in the 1 Year courses before becoming a CPI?

Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:

Martin, take the prerequisites, then all the other courses you can. And, then, take the Online Inspector Exam for the CPI. That is how I would do it. JMHO. :smile:

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Thanks Larry. To be clear, you are suggesting I do the two prerequisites (Ethics and SOP), then all of the 1 Year courses and THEN write the OIE?

That is how I would do it and how it seems logical, Martin…unless, you can pass the OIE sooner. :smile:

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I’m glad you asked because I was confused as well. I suppose some people have the knowledge to pass the OIE without taking the courses, but I certainly couldn’t.

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