I'm back in Boulder and Nick showed me the new HD NACHI TV studio.

It is huge. Two stories high. I could live for a year on what he spent on light bulbs. I will post pictures later this week.

Also, D.C. office is going well.

Hi Dee. Miss ya


Any chance of a B-Cam give-away? :mrgreen:

Just asking :wink:

Just a thought Will… Here in California, your homeowners insurance policy will sometimes cover theft of belongings from your vehicle. Is that possible in Chicago as well?

My homeowners policy covers personal belongings, but the insurance company makes a difference between personal property and “tools of the trade”, the later only being covered to $2,500.00 max. The insurance company tells me (NOW they tell me!) that if I want tools of the trade covered, I have to have a special rider to my policy. Costs about $75 extra.

I think I will just bring my tools in every night, from now on. Cheaper.



Wow is right… impressive studio indeed.
Go NACHI :mrgreen: