I'm Calling it... The Bottom is Officially in

$100 I GIVE UP!! TAKE MY HOUSE FOR $100 BUCKS](http://detroit.craigslist.org/rfs/678329752.html)

It is at market bottoms that this kind of behavior manifests itself, complete despair and a total aversion to speculation. A few years from today some folks are going to be very happy to have bought when the hysterical masses was dumping their real estate, mark my word.

So did you buy it Joe?

I’ll take two :mrgreen:



Guy sure has a sense of humor about it at least----:smiley:

We actually did hit the bottom already.

Not here, unless it was within the last 12 days. However, property investors and those with good cash flow and good credit are having a wonderful time.

You buy it and I will inspect it. :wink:

A $100 purchase price on a four bedroom house…with an inspection contingency. Now THAT is the bottom.

I’m glad to see the captain of this ship realizes he has stooped to a new low along with his ‘ethics’ guy. (Isn’t ethics about being honest James?)

When you have the members you have in the positions they have, there rally is no bottom, it’s a bottomless pit.

Beef, what’s up… you havin’ a bad day?

Foreclosures are up and prices keep droping here, haven’t hit bottom yet.

Yeah, I was reading that Arizona just nosed out Florida for 3rd place in the number of foreclosures, leaving California & Nevada for 1st & 2nd, hopefully though there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Any good deals for recreation property for snowbirds from Canada in the Arizona area?