I'm coming up to the Canadian licensing meeting on Sunday. Brining NACHI.TV too.


Hope to see ya there. Looks like it is going to be a 1-day convention.

Thanks Nick would love to be there too.
But at 2200 miles just a little more then I can afford in Cost and Time .
Thanks To NACHI ,NICK,and Vern for doing this all the Best…Roy

Good Day

I will be there to see what NACHI is all about. From what I see already it is awesome. I have invested about $800 into CHAPI and nothing into NACHI (yet). The interesting part is that I have learned more from NACHI than I feel that I will ever learn from CHAPI.

Thanks to all the posts on this BB. You guys are GREAT. Look forward to meeting home inspectors that help out each other.

Lawrence Olsen

I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised .
I was a CAHI then CAHPI Joined NACHI in 2003 and glad I did.
If I can be of any Help please do not hesitate to ask


Forget the health food I need all the Preservatives I can get

Thanks Roy for the offer and I am sure I will take you up on that some day.

Lawrence Olsen

We have reserved space for an informal reception at the Ramada Inn Lounge at 6:00 PM Jan 20 for members and guests arriving on Sunday January 20. Local members are also invited. I wiil be looking forward to meeting you all there as well.
Say Nick don’t forget the Nachos :wink: :wink:

Excellent roster of speakers!


Good on ya!