I'm confused...

If I advertise that I repair cars… in fact call myself Joe’s Excellent Auto Repairs, and sell services… but then put in my literature that Joe’s Excellent Auto Repairs is not an auto repair company…

What would this mean to you?

It would mean that your a big fat liar!! Why do you ask?

Are you repairing the cars or are you selling the services for someone else to repair them?

If a tree falls in a forest…

Where are you going with this Joe?

It’s clear… Trying to reflect a parallel with this analogy with the example in another thread where the 3rd party warranty was offered in advertising as the inspectors and then disclaimed in their contract as offered by someone else and they have no liability.
This doesn’t discount the use of the 3rd party warranties, just makes a good point as to lining up your advertising with you’re contract so that you don’t look slick or cause conflicts when disagreements arise.

I would say that it makes you look like a liar, and calls into play your credibility which may be all but gone at this point.


Depends on the meaning of “services.”

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That would mean you’re committing false advertisement, playing games & deceiving the public.



I have had this Warranty for over 10 Years.

From my own experience, I receive more than I invest annually… :slight_smile:
(your market experience may vary)

You got a winner, Joe…:stuck_out_tongue:

from your post …Total Reviews: 2367
I am sure that they sell many thousands of policies…
Like any program (Private or Government), you have to know how to play it for maximum benefit…

No fault in stating the facts…

I agree.

They will probably refuse my next renewal…

Did someone mention warranties? I’m sorry. I did not mention warranties. I was asking a general question…

I guess the question I was asking had to do with fine print…

I do not sell nor offer warranties, free, for a fee-to-me, or otherwise. I know nothing about warranty companies, or their business practices.