I'm convinced now. Soccer is the world's most boring sport.

At least no one gets bitten in curling.

My boy playing the sport we love!


I have seen some rough curling games;-)

Curling! Now there’s a sport and, and… uh… ZZZzzzzz[size=2]zzzzzzzzzzz[size=1]zzzzzzzzzz[/size]


I grew up playing the game and after four knee surgeries I had to say good bye to my active days, which is just as well as I was never very talented. Soccer pros can do with their feet what a guy crossed with an octopus could not begin to do with his hands.

Do you think the entire world could go crazy about a game and that we, americans, are the only people smart enough to notice how boring the game is? Evidently the subtleties of the game escape you. If you ever decide to watch a soccer game played by the pros, notice that they just do not “kick” the ball: they use a different part of the foot depending on how they want the ball to break away from its original path as it travels (Bend it like Beckham), and they hit a different height of the ball at the same time. Just like billiards.

Another advantage of soccer is that body size does not matter. Anybody can play. Try that with basketball or football. There are small guys in both games, but they are the exception.

Scores like 0-0 are common and people love it because it is the artistry of the game that really counts.

Soccer. I like it, watch it and played it when younger (along with just about everything else). I think we’re drawn to what we’re familiar or interested in, however, I’ve never been to or seen a Curling, lawn bowling, pinochle or similar type game/tourney. But I’m sure there are avid fans of such (Wayne is obv into curling… cool)

Pinochle! I just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz SNORT! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kidding aside, I agree. Many of us are most interested in the sports we grew up with.
Today when Mexico scored, in México City you could hear about 10 million people screaming. Unfortunately, Holland scored twice in the last 10 minutes and the Mexican team is on its way home.

Kenton, that was a funny link. And they didn’t scream there when the Dutch won?

Most sports are kind of boring. Basketball, baseball and golf are deadly.

I watched some college football last year for the first time in two decades, and they were running the same patterns as 20 years ago. Still enjoyed it.

There’s some real talented futbol players, especially at that level, but still … it’s good to see the highlights:)

lol i hate curling Yes it is about as much fun as watching golf .

Troy, did your kid come up with the ball on the outfield play? If so you should send to ESPN for the play of the day!! He looks like a good player!!

In regards to soccer, I enjoy the games. It can be very exciting and entertaining. (I like to see how the fans are dressed in there countries colors especially the women)

I watched the Greece, Costa Rica game and thought it was good.

I was kind pissed when Portugal tied US in the last seconds. Dempsey blew it IMHO.

No, more crying and sulking than anything

“No, more crying and sulking than anything”


They feel cheated, somewhat, and can’t blame them.

If Brasil doesn’t wind the Cup, there will be riots. If they do win the World Cup there will be riots.
They seem to enjoy it:)

The Dutch players were considerably bigger than the Mexican players. I think it has an effect. They were tied 1-1 when one of the Mexicans created a foul (tripping) near the Mexican goal. The free kick won the game for the Dutch. Soccer is a physical game and that foul might not have been committed if the players had been more equal in size.

Kenton - you should have seen the screams and fireworks all over Medellín when Colombia was up. They’ve won every game they’ve played so far! People are loving it. It’s hard not to be excited when everyone’s emotions are so high all around you.

Of course, it’s also hard to imagine Colombia beating Brazil in the next game…

15 or 20 years ago Detroit won some big championship (don’t think it was curling) and they were burning cars and having sex in the streets, so that crazy sports victory behavior isn’t limited to Latin America.

To violent of a sport for me.