I'm doing an afternoon with the Cohens tomorrow. If any of you need any legal work...

If any of you need any legal work done, a letter written, a clause drafted, etc., just let me know and we’ll do it for you.

Can we get some info or something for our agreements (if at all possible) about video taping or recording our inspections by our clients or another party? There are several threads on it. Thanks as always Nick

I agree… I would think we would want some veribage that any image or recording of our inspections would need to be disclosed if used as publicity / public or in litigation.

I would also like to know if the content would be used in social media…

Thanks Perry


SMH… :roll:

Thanks… I actually knew that was there… Sigh

Is there an InterNACHI agreement for a “PRIVATE WATER WELL SYSTEM PRESSURE, FLOW RATE, AND MINIMUM YIELD” Test? I have tried to research for one, but have been unsuccessful.

If you guys don’t jump on this you are crazy -
Contacted Nick about another company in the Denver area using my name - confusing realtors and clients. He had Mark write a cease and desist letter and will mail it out tom.
And Nick (Nachi) is paying Mark for us (me). Would have cost me about $300 for this thru my attorney if I had one.
Thanks Mark. Great letter. If he fails to comply we will kill him…isn’t that our next step?

Who was it Greg? PM me if you don’t mind. I believe I know the guy. I told him that you already had the name. I don’t think he is in business anymore. Physical limitations.