I'm Done.

The only reason I renewed my NACHI membership this year was this board and some interesting discussion about IR. But the constant unprofessional conduct/posts of both members and non members on these boards both in public and private sections has finally gotten to me and I am done with it.

Charley and David is you want to email me I will be happy to keep exploring those AC IR ideas, but I will no longer contribute here.

It is a shame, there are some very good members and I have learned a lot over the years from different people. But I no longer want to be associated with the stuff that goes on here.

Good luck all.

Thank you for your contributions.


I hear ya!
Take a break for a while.

Maybe you can deal with it a little better later.

It takes a little self training to keep out of the crap that doesnt need a response. It is tempting to voice your opinions. I often dictate a reply and just trash it. Some battles don’t need to be won.

Some folks just have too much time on their hands.

If you find a better place for IR to hang out, let me know.

If you need any assistance email: AndersenInspections@charter.net

We (Charlie and others) do a lot of PM behind the scenes. Try that out.

You can learn a lot from stupid stuff sometimes. That’s what keeps me hanging in there. You just need to keep a tight rein on things.

You have contributed a lot. Don’t want to see you go.

Wow Kevin I know exactly what you are saying I have not been on the board much lately have been working. I just ignore all the crap and read what I want too. Hate to see guys like you go. We need to stay in touch with the IR. Send me your land line # and I will call you.

It’s got seriousness to it and Comedy Central all in one, just pick and choose what you need. It’s like reading the newspaper, do you ever really read everything…news, sports, editorials, ads, opinions, stocks, weather. Just read what you have to to satisfy your taste.

Have fun


Kevin… I’m not trying to tell you what to do, just what I experienced.
I left NACHI after 2 years mostly because of the postings of 2 individuals, both members. I let my membership status lapse, but continued to post here.
I found I was wrong to leave NACHI; I found I was wrong in my beliefs about one of the members. I was asked to come back, so I first called the one member to apologise for my continuous attacks on him and then rejoined.
All I am asking is that you re-think your decision. If your membership is valuable to you and you enjoy the conversations with certain members, stick around for a while and try to ignore the bs. I find that by ignoring certain persons, my time here is a more enjoyable experience.

I believe he will continue to be a member, just not bother as a contributor to the message boards, which I understand.

It is the same for me.

I hope you can see your way to use the ignore feature if need be…stay around. You’ve been helpful.

Don’t let a few foolish post on the message board define your experience.
If you do, then the fools have accomplished their goal.

We have 3 0r 4 guys like that.
Maybe we need something like a parental control feature.

Heated discussions that sometimes get unprofessional occur all over the inspection industry, are you going to quit the entire industry too and no longer be an inspector?

They occur all over the country too, are you going to expatriate yourself?

Some of the best business advice I ever got in my life was given to me by rude, unprofessional buttinski’s.

Granted, Nick, and agree, to an extent.

BUT (No not my big butt :mrgreen: ), members pay money for iNACHI, including this board. I get aggrevated by the “childish” posts.

Disagreement, honest arguement, differences of opinion, fine (and professional).

But ad hominum attack, stalking, domination and intimidation “under the color of authority” and just plain name calling (like in kindergarden) is just plain counterrpoductive, and does not, in the public forums, help iNACHI or its members and is (often) used against us.

I understand the tremendous effort and work needed to “police” these kinds of posts. I also understand that, sometimes, even silly appearing posts can be very helpful, but it has recently gotten out of hand.

There now seems to be a special, iNACHI approved title, i.e., Banned.

That is just plain silly.

Will, did you really mean just recently?

Perhaps we could have the administrator of this site come up with a way for anyone that does not get along with someone else or someone that is as they say fed up with certain individuals have the ability to ignore just that person. I am not sure how this could be done but it is an option as opposed to leaving the group all together.

Already has been done. look in control panel options

Point taken. It has happens many times. I was refering to a recent post about a former member, now banned.

I understand some of the frustration that some feel, Although some members have said things that I thought was out of line and bashed other members, non-members also this is still a good place to acquire some very good information with some knowledgeable people. Heck I got a red square and cussed at because I asked a about how to get some ASTM information. I still think that INACHI is the best. I learned a while back Don’t sweat the petty stuff. Just pet the sweaty stuff…

I’ve been on the phone with Roy Cooke for the past 20 minutes discussing this very matter. It’s tough. We want an unmoderated message board but as of late, have been pushed to the point where we have to scan, find, and delete certain posts (references to bizarre sex acts, unfounded accusations of criminal activity, personal threats, foul language, etc).

We’re working hard to protect free speech while keeping certain non-members (and a few members) from getting too distasteful.

Tough line to walk.

Nick, with all due respect. I don’t see it as being a tough line at all. I think there’s a problem with the perceptions of what free speech truly is. Free speech and proper decorum and behavior are not necessarily mutually exclusive concepts. One can present whatever views one has without being disrespectful, without being dishonest, without being verbally abusive, without name calling, without profanity, and without being childish.

I would think that at the very least, those members who have been asked to serve on various committees (such as ESOP) would be asked to behave themselves properly.

Remember, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel.

Agreed, also if we collected full contact info when people register it would at least allow us to police some of the BS that goes on on here with false registrants.