I'm entering into a new feild

Of energy audits. Just got back from Phoenix and received my training as a certified building analyst from BPI, I past the written test as well as the field exam and my blower door is on it’s way. So, I have decided my construction company will perform these energy audit utilizing infrared and the blower door and then will make recommendations to complete the repair which We’ll do too. I’m going to the local home show next month and will advertise my company as a Certified Performance Contractor.

I’m thinking of giving away two free energy audits, one for Saturday and one for Sunday. That will hopefully give me plenty of name to add to my data base and also my hopes are that people come away from my booth with what a real energy audit can do for them.

Wat do you guys think.

Why would you give it away?

P.S. Don’t ask God to bless your business if you work on the Lord’s day.

I think you’re in for it now… you mentioned the ‘F’ word. :shock:

Personally, I think you will do well. :smiley:


Days of the week are man made Joe.
I work plenty Sunday’s and am very blessed.
People struggle to make a living and take what they can get.

oooohhhhhh, Joe’s right.

It just seems fugazi about doing the repairs also.

Giveaways are a good idea.

Over all good luck, I think it’s the wave of the future. Actually the future is here, so if you guys aren’t with it you’re missin’ out.


Free as in marketing to many homeowners which I can add to my mailing list with the lure of winning a free energy audit. My thought that when people think they have a chance to win something the freely fill out the registration card.

Not to mention I will be giving them a list of repairs that my company will install. For a fee that is.

The trend with energy audits or trained performance contractor is we already know houses and have worked on them for years, as far as the audit goes, just like thermal imaging, it is what it is. And different parts of the country have there own ROI per dollar so it’s relatively easy to show the homeowner how to save the most and get a decent return on the investment all while maintaining your house.

If you do e-newsletters etc…, place a checkbox on the entry blank to check if they would like to receive your newsletter.

I haven’t started a newsletter but have thought of it, do you use on?

Good luck Peter and Great idea.

No, but I have been considering getting hooked up with John O’s. Others on this MB swear by it. The idea being to get their permission to send them the e-newsletter, to keep you in their minds, for when they are ready for your services. You have already provided them a service with value (the e-newsletter), and they can’t help but assume you will do the same with your other services.

Everyone else who entered the drawing is a “lucky second place winner” and qualifies for a $25 discount on the service!

Sounds like a good venture in the current environment, especially considering what cap and trade will do to energy costs. Need to find a way for clients to get a tax credit to cover some of the cost of the audit and repairs. Let us know how it goes, some of us may join you in other markets.

Nice touch! :smiley:

I heard that Obama was offering free energy audits to all US residents, legal and illegal alike, via the US Energy Department. Part of the Porculus bill. :shock:

Excellent idea all the way around Peter. Best of luck

Sounds like a good idea. Best of luck.

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I wish you all the best with your new venture Peter!!
BTW I have yet to see an energy auditor use an IR camera, they use smoke sticks around here. You sir are miles ahead of all these auditors!!

Chuck, That’s a great idea, I am going to do that.

John, Thanks, I’ve already signed up.

Mario, most of the contractors in my area don’t even have a web site yet. NH is getting 26 million for weatherization and you have to be certified to do the work, well guess what, hardly anyone is certified. Every house that gets federal money will have to have an energy audit before and after. We just don’t know all the rules yet. All the money and guidelines are on the way.

I can’t tell you guys how impressed I was with the effects with regard to the blower door on a house and the infrared will enhance it even more.

I should also mention that although I do not agree with Obama’s politics the money is coming, these people need it and I’m ready to earn it.

thats great news Pete,
how does a blower door work?