I'm entering into a new feild

Very good Peter!
Best of luck.
So was the training program all you expected?


Right in the middle of an inspection!
Some of us still have a job here in TN! :slight_smile:

on Friday, March 27, 2pm (central time).


Congrats on your Certification achievement. Well deserved.

I am attempting to become Certified through RESNET.


Blower doors depressurize the home to amplify the air leakage and then the leakage can be measured. The blower door can also be used to pressurize the home. A duct blaster is also an important tool to use for an energy audit. The blower door uses a 50pascal reference point. 50 pascals is equivalent to a 20 MPH wind.
I would be glad to email you the manual for both the blower door and duct blaster.

In regards to doing work on the same home you do an energy audit. A disclosure form is signed by all involved parties. It actually is a good idea as the auditor understands the home better and can train and hire his people to do the retrofit or installs properly.

Again Peter congrats and best wishes for a successful career as an energy auditor.

Thanks, and what David said is correct. It’s perfectly acceptable to complete the scope of work and be the auditor without a conflict of interest. Some of the countries leading auditors are performance contractors who have stepped up and continued their education and are leading the energy contracting business.
Combining the blower door with the infrared will make any contractor stand out above the rest. We will be able to provide out clients with sound scientific advice on how best to upgrade their home with documented return on investment.

Do the either of BPI/RESNET programs train in heating systems/efficiency testing/cost of delivered BTU’s/recommendations on heating system modifications or alternates?

To add to Davids post, the duct blaster can also be used in conjunction with the blower door to find duct leakage to the outdoors. Pressurize the house, then pressurized the ducts with the duct blaster.

Congrats Peter on completing the BPI training. You might want to check with NE Utilities and see if they have a reimbursement program for your training and possibly your blower door. I have found several programs in place for customers that will reimburse the cost of the training and/or equipment via a grant or tax rebate. NY has the best one I have found so far. 20% reimbursement in the form of a grant for both the training and the equipment. And that included the infrared camera for that customer.

Good Luck

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I will give more advanced notice for the next one.

John, is central time 1 or 2 hours behind eastern? I don’t want to be late.

congratulations Pete

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Thank you.


I have been in the construction/inspection business since 1972. I also am BPI/RESNET certified, own several Fluke Cameras: TIR1 and TIR4. I have a Wisconsin Blower door. There seems to be too much time invested in this type business to generate the optimum income.
I am now concentrating on commercial roof inspections and thermal imaging for other home inspectors.
What level training do you have?
I suggest you go to a top notch school and obtain at least Level 1.

How have you done to date with energy audits?

Hi Pete,

Congrats. I’ll give you a call next week to catch up on your adventures.

I’ve got a postcard mailing going out for energy audits on Monday so we’ll see how the consumer responds.

I do see the blower door as more of a tool for doing the seal-up. But we’ll see what flys with the consumer.

Hi Don, Thanks. I look forward to your call, as always.


Hi. Peter, nice to see you expanding in your career. Hope it works out for you.

How’s the construction bussiness part of it?
I’m still down your way on that house in Brentwood.
Probably another month.

Take care.

Marcel :):smiley:

Hi Marcel, Construction is slow but I’m meeting with a sales rep. from an insulation company and may add blown in insulation to my services.

Right now I’m refocusing my construction company to be more of a performance contractor specializing in energy home improvement and audits. Time will tell but NH is scheduled to get 26 million for weatherization. This means we will go from the state insulating app. 800 home a year to 16,000 a year for the next three years, of which these homes will need before and after energy audits which include blower door and thermal infrared, hopefully my investments in tools and training over the past few years will pay off.

Oh, did I mention, the snow is almost gone.