I'm going to give away 5 million custom 4-color business cards to members soon.

Working on a deal now. You’ll have to buy custom brochures at an insane price, but wait till you see them!

Bring it on Nick, I am ordering 1,000 trifolds and 500 full color 2 sided business cards tomorrow seriously




I am in need of 500-1000 brochures.

This is for when I receive my shipment of manuals to distribute to the office managers.

I posted and it looks like Vista print was the way I was gonna go, but I am very interested in this deal.

Hi Dave,

how’s life in the frozen wastelands of the North?

Check out this pricing on both cards and brochures, my whole order will come to under $300




Hey Mate!!

It was 65 on Saturday.

Today it was 50 and I was out cutting grass and pickup leaves.
I feel like I am in the twilight zone

Did not see any thing to check out or view brochures. Your messing with me right!!
DODODODODODO twilight zone theme

Wait till you see these babies! Really pro!

I’m getting close too to reordering my biz cards. Think I’ll drag my feet;-)

Timing could’nt be better, as I’m shopping for new biz cards as we speak.
I’ll wait a few, and see what develops…

How many days or weeks are we talking about. I would like to order so I can distribute with the manuals you are sending out. I need to get out there before my competition.

With all the manuals on order it would be a great time for all the inspectors to see if they need brochures and cards. I think I see where the free manual offer is going.

Manual, brochure, cards. What elese lurks upon the horizon?

Thanks Nick!!

It’s starting to make sense huh? I’m not complaining though.

Always nice to have the free stuff but if you can’t wait, here is the best deal around. 5,000 business cards, high gloss, two sided printing with free delivery. $96.00

I found him on ebay after another inspector posted something on this message board. Ordered Tuesday afternoon, a couple quick emails on design, had proofs, made changes and voila. I’m in WA, he is in Hollywood, FL. I had them in the mail on Thursday.

You can use the link above to an ebay auction or go directly to his site at www.96eddie.com

Steve, the link I posted before beats the crap out of your guy, on trifolds by 1/3rd.



I’m shopping for new biz cards & brochures as we speak.
I’ll wait and see what develops.

Give me till this Saturday.

It’s all about timing Kevin. :shock:

And the time now is to pound. Pound away with all the marketing you can muster.

Non-members are dropping out like dead flies. Yes, there are fewer real estate transactions… but far fewer competitors. Fill the vacuum.

Nick, will we be able to completely design our own brochures & cards, or are these partly filled in, like the bro’s you gave away earlier?

Very true.
I rec’d a call from an agent who had been using another Association’s member, who felt that this was a good time to retire.
The client was flying in from Colo today to see a high mountain property for the first time, had only a 2 hour window to see it & make a final decision before flying back out again. The agent was wondering how it might be possible to accomplish an inspection within that time frame (he was that confident she’d buy) - even though no contract had even been written yet.

I told him we’d drive the 1.5 hrs thru the snow covered mtns north of Priest Lake, timing it so we’d arrive there 30 minutes after they did. If she said “no” to the deal, he could just call me and I’d turn around. Otherwise, Jeanne & I would arrive with enough time to complete an inspection and deliver a verbal report. He regained his breath, over the phone, & called me a 'prince"!

That’s what we did, and I think we may have picked up a whole new office, based on that.
This is the time to go 110% - the payoff will be a beaut!

Will be back later today . . . thanks!

"Will be back later today . . . thanks!"

What ‘Mike’ said . . .