IM Home Inspections Now That You've Had a Home Inspection Books

My custom “Now That You’ve Had A Home Inspection” books arrived last Monday.

I am ecstatic on how they turned out. :slight_smile:

The response from clients, Real Estate agents, and other Los Angeles area Real Estate professionals has been great!

Thank you Nick, Nikolai and Jessica for all your help in making this happen!

InterNACHI Rocks!


Wish I would have had the extra to do that this first time around. Being new and trying to build this business so I can quit my day gig, a little tight. Hoping for next time around for sure. Those are sweet!!

Looks great!

They look awesome Ian!!

Thank you everyone.

Thursday night, I was at a business mixer and I showed them to a broker/owner of a large local franchise office. She was so impressed she took a huge stack of them and handed them out to others at the mixer and then took a bunch more home with to her to give out at her office.

It was great working with you Ian! Keep me updated on feedback as you hand more out!

Thank you Jessica for taking my vision and making it real! :slight_smile:

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Tim was kind enough to report the SPAM. It’s up to Nachi staff to delete it, or not.

Either way, at least my thread is getting talked about. lol :slight_smile:

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And remember folks, the price per custom book is only $2.70.

What’s the back look like Ian? I read that you can design the front and the back.

The back:


We now have an option for 500 custom books: