I'm honored to announce that EEF/EPA Director joined NACHI.

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Please join me in welcoming Mr. Troy Johnson to NACHI. He is now a member of NACHI. Mr. Johnson is the Director of the Environmental Education Foundation.

They have a good online mold course coming up and his fellow NACHI members get a huge discount: http://www.nachi.org/eefepa3.htm DON'T MISS IT!

NACHI is listed throughout the EEF/EPA Directory: http://www.nachi.org/eefepa.htm

And I was appointed to the EEF/EPA Advisory Board: http://www.nachi.org/nickepa.htm

Welcome Troy!

Nick Gromicko

I much prefer email to private messages.

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Mr Johnson,

Welcome to the NACHI family.

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Thank you Nick and all Fellow NACHI Members!

After some research into various inspection organizations, I was most impressed with the depth of knowledge as well as the industry "reach" NACHI and its members possess.

NACHI was a natural fit to assist us and the EPA with our latest contract dealing with the broad topic of "Indoor Air Quality". NACHI members are the front line professionals that deal with IAQ issues on a daily basis.

More importantly than having NACHI members take the IAQ class (Although we would love to have you) on these new guidelines, we are very hopeful that members will help us spread the word about it by sending on the press release below to every publication they can think of. From local newspapers to national trade publications - any and all help is needed.

Thank you again, it my pleasure to be part of an organization that works so hard for its member and the industry.


Troy Johnson

Troy E. Johnson
Executive Director
Environmental Education Foundation
724 E. Iris Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85296
480-659-9356 - Phone
480-659-9456 - Fax


Media Contact: Troy Johnson
Ph: 480-659-9356
Email: troy_johnson@enviro-ed.org

For Immediate Release

EPA Awards Significant IAQ Contract to Environmental Education Foundation
Home & Building Inspection Organizations Key to New Program

Washington DC 2005 -The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded a significant contract to the Environmental Education Foundation (EEF) to form a coalition of major players in the home & building inspection, cleaning, maintenance, building management, building design/construction and property management industry, including insurance and financial institutions. The purpose of the contract according to David Mudarri, Ph.D., Indoor Environments Division of the Environmental Protection Agency, ?[is] to promote EPA?s indoor air quality guidance and encourage its use as the basis for managing indoor environmental quality risks.?

?This is an industry-changing initiative,? says EEF Executive Director Troy E. Johnson. ?With its? adoption by a myriad of industry partners, this is now the standard for managing indoor air quality in commercial and multifamily residential buildings.?

Managing indoor environmental quality risks has gained importance in recent years with the advent of large court settlements for personal injury and for mold-related damage to homes and buildings. The impact of mold-related litigation has been most evident in the insurance industry, but recent developments show an added impact in financial institutions. Lenders are beginning to closely evaluate the impact mold-related damage can have on the value of commercial and residential properties and a few cases of lenders ?forgiving? mortgages, as it is less risk than taking ownership of the properties, are being reported.

Insurers and lenders (including REITs-Real Estate Investment Trusts) want to reduce risks and are now realizing the importance of quality cleaning, maintenance and general building operations as well as the use of appropriate materials in new building construction. Accordingly, inspections, operations and maintenance of homes and facilities are more critical than ever. In some instances, borrowers are asked to fill out detailed questionnaires about the maintenance history of the building and potential problems that could lead to mold growth. Insurers and lenders have also shown an interest in knowing if owners and managers have a plan of action in the event of a mold or air quality problem.

EEF?s success in developing its own water intrusion and mold management program has positioned the organization to be a viable force in EPA?s plans for managing indoor environmental quality risks. A combination of EPA?s IAQ Building Education and Assessment Model (I-BEAM) software and EEF?s water intrusion and mold management program are providing new guidance for any industry dealing with air quality issues. EEF will also develop a process to pilot test an EPA training module for the Integration of IAQ and Energy Efficiency in Well Managed Buildings, which is based on the 5-staged ENERGY STAR program and EEF will review EPA?s IAQ Green Building Guidance.

?EPA contracted with us because our mold management and water intrusion program is what lenders and insurance carriers are using today. Applying what we have learned from developing this existing program, along with the input from over 30 organizations, will make the expanded program the ?beast of the best?. says Johnson. ?This process will help the EPA promote good practices, or improved best practices, using a combination of EPA material and EEF training accepted by all.?

EEF efforts are significant because the organization has brought together major stakeholders in the management of air quality issues including a whos who of industry professionals as well as mortgage bankers and insurance carriers.

?Our program is recognized by major insurance carriers for meeting certain underwriter requirements for obtaining mold insurance,? says Johnson. ?The commercial building owners and property managers, who want to get mold insurance for their buildings, can take our course and become a member of our organization. In addition, the course is also being used by lenders as a requirement for their borrowers to have in place as well as the people who are inspecting property as part of a real estate transaction.?

About Environmental Educational Foundation
The Environmental Education Foundation (EEF) is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization dedicated to the development and dissemination of information regarding hazards to human health and threats to the environment with particular emphasis on hazards or threats which are associated with occupying, purchasing, insuring, selling or owning residential, commercial or industrial property; testing methodologies and procedures to detect such hazards and threats; and programs and measures which mitigate or eliminate such hazards. EEF is partners with many government and non-governmental agencies and sits as Consultants to the United Nations on Environmental, Health and Safety issues. Contact: info@enviro-ed.org ; www.enviro-ed.org ; Phone: 480-659-9356