I'm hoping Brett Favre wins it all now.

40 years old and still going strong.

Yes, it’s amazing what a QB can do when he has people to throw at.
Farve is too arrogant, if you like aged QB’s how 'bout Kurt Warner? http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/18/18_1_311.gif


That’s what I like about him.

Now that the Bears put him in his place…“Go Vikings”

That is what is wrong with the KC Chiefs, as some other teams; they do not like arrogance. The ones that allow it, are the ones that are successful.

Then T.Owens has how many rings now ? :mrgreen:

I’m just tickled that the J E T S ! are in. :mrgreen:

Got Favre.

you cant be serious:shock:

Not for long… hey Joe, did you know Sean Hannity is a jets fan?:stuck_out_tongue:


Favre looked great, not to mention Rice and the rest of the boys.

On to New Orleans.

I’m happy for Bret but happier for the Vikings!

Favre has got to go all the way at this point.

I really hate that the Jets made it this far.

He is a good player I have only seen him a few times when i worked on repairs at lambeau field in green bay my daughter got these signed from a salesman that had to goto the packer Gen office 1 a week:mrgreen:

Hey that looks like the same couch I had 15 years ago.:smiley:

Low back right/and you took off the back cushions ? lol

I hope Scott Brown wins.

Favre… all the way!

I think it would be both ironic & fitting if the J E T S were to beat Indianapolis and advance on to the Super Bowl!

G O… J E T S - J E T S - J E T S ! :smiley: