I'm Live "Buy Back On Site"

Check it out here…

Questions/comments lets here them.

Billy ,the program has the worlds coolest logo and you do not use it .
My suspicion is you have muted it visually because you are not confident in it .

It sure does.

No two big reasons.

A. Doesn’t fit the look of my site. You know how I am about appearance.

B. “We’ll” on the logo needs changed. I would never use the logo until removed. My advertising clearly states InterNACHI is the buyer. My contract will state in no way shape or form I am a back up buyer in the event InterNACHI doesn’t deliver on their promise. I have full faith they will but I’m not stupid either.

I call B.S as a past pro artist.
The logo is absolutely perfect for your man in black image and website.
The logo colors are totally standout on a dark backdrop.

Call it what you want. I would never use it on my site no matter what it said because of the design. I’m very picky about the look of my site. May look good on other people’s site but would not fit in well on mine in my opinion and there’s no changing that opinion :wink:

Creative people are flexible and never absolute.

I must be very creative then. I’ve updated my site over 1 million times now so it feels like it anyway :wink:

Yes you do lots of that.
You just enjoy doing it.

From Billies website:

Good job Billie. It is an honest statement that does not mislead people to thinking you’re buying back the house.

I like it.

Is it Nick & Chris approved?

Yes sir Nick approved it via email last night.

I was one of the first to jump on this program because I see the big pic but also like Billy you most likely will not see that logo on my web site either.

This program is going to change this industry as nothing else has. Most on this Board don’t know me from Adam but my personality has always been when I set my mind to something I can do anything. Just like learning to swim as a young boy I did not know how to swim until one day I decided I was going to learn and not being able to swim a lick I jump into a farm pond over my head. Guess what I am still here today and I know how to swim:shock::wink:

I got mine ready and will launch in July.

Nice website.
I believe you may not understand common law.
Your link: Complete Program Details» goes directly to the INachi banner that states “we’ll buy your home.”.
You have not distanced yourself from that by not displaying the banner.

“Survival Mode” is not a replacement for “Common Sense”!

Let us know if this brings you as much business as your call center does.

Common sense of anything is the ability to maneuver thru a obstacle course successfully and I do it well. In Okla its called taking the bull by the horns.

Its ok Jeff if you want to sit in the stands this program is strictly optional !!! Fans are not allowed to be part of the program its a players only club