Im new to Nachi

I have questions and Im pretty resourceful however I can find no where , when following prompts to get answers …Is this the right place.

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Hi Nathaniel,
Sure, you can get help here. We always like to see those asking questions try to find the answers themselves first (some people try to get others to do their work for them) but there are some very experienced inspectors here willing to share their expertise.


This MB is full of answers to questions you won’t find any where else. As with any type of learning, the dumbest questions are the ones that are NOT asked. Use the search bar to find answers to questions you may have, you can find info on just about anything.
BTW, don’t wear your feelings on your shirt sleeve , things get harsh here sometimes. Good luck!


Welcome to our forum, Nathaniel!..Enjoy! :smile:


Welcome to the forum, Nathaniel, Enjoy!! :+1:


Hi Nathaniel. Welcome to the message board.
Keep coming back.

First get use to the message board.
The top of the MB, Message Board menu, click on the item you require.
all categories - Categories - Latest - New (150) - Top - Unread.