I'm not working this weekend.

I’m not working this weekend, because I have a much more important job to do. I’m building a dog cart. Someone decided that 1 1/2 years old was the right time to trane a Bernese Mountain Dog to pull a cart. This is supposedly one of the things they were bred for. If you knew our Berner you would be laughing as hard as I am. He is just a big clumsy puppy. I can see myself flying down the road totally out of control. Should be interesting!

My wife found the plans for the cart on-line at some website (I think it was called “HowtogetridofanIrishInspector.com”). I promise to post pictures of my demise as soon as I am released from either jail or the hospital or both.
100_0245 (Small).jpg

Good luck Jack. God I can’t stop laughing.

Wife and I are riding the ST1000A up to Asheville Saturday to see REO Speedwagon perform at the Biltmore Estate…

Coming home Sunday…

Maybe I could get a dog cart to pull me up there…:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

seems like a fine plan Jack…yes sir just don’t forget the Bushmills…always necessary for doing stupid things down hill…jmo…jim

Think I’ll save the Bushmills until after the cart is built but right before the ride. I’ll probably need anesthesia.
This is what the cart is supposed to look like when it is done. Now picture a chair on the platform.
The sign is for free advertising - it should be an eye catcher.


One way to save money on gas but the ladder accommodations sux;-)

Let me know when you get it done Jack!

I want to come down and take pictures:p

I suggest you steer it north away from I70;)

I’m starting on it Sat. pm. Got talked into a job in the am and picking up the PVC and wheels on the way back. With luck I should have it done Sun pm (maybe luck isn’t the right word). I’ll let you know.
You can make copies of the pics to use in my eulogy.:wink:

try to get that ride on film Jack…can’t wait to see pictures…

Being that your wife found the plans, you really should honor her with the first test ride. :slight_smile:

I suggested that, but she insisted that she was the better photographer.

I’m pretty sure that’s gonna leave a mark Jack…lol…


Why don’t you just buy a wheelbarrow add another tire (small axel also needed) and hook it up backwards to your dog?

You could probably have it made in an hour and do an inspection when it’s done----:smiley:


Watch out for PETA they might let the air out of your tires.

Didn’t finish it. Will get back on it this week. I’ll post pics.

And I’ll post thermal images of the blood trail! :stuck_out_tongue:

For educational purposes of course! :slight_smile:

Thanks Bill.
I knew this effort would come in handy for something, but I never thought of educational.

Ready to put axle on cart. Wife is checking ins. policy.

I’m assuming that you plan on witnessing the event as the blood trail would shortly reach ambient temperature and thus not show on an ir scan…better wear a slicker Bill…you sure don’t want to get that on you !!!

I do believe that everytime business slows a little so I think I will have time to do a silly project business picks up to the point I think about hiring help (NOOOOO). What I will do in the future is wait until business slumps and then announce that I’m starting a project (paint the lawn green or something). Cart is not done!!!