I'm off to Philly to the "We're a relevant assoc. too!!!" ASTM meeting.

Off to Philly to join my friends at ASHI, AII and CREIA in opposition to the “Look at us, we’re a relevant association too, we do big things that are important, we’re smart, not dumb like everybody says we are” association and ASTM’s attempt to rewrite our SOPs.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Nick, I’m sure that the PA area has been quiet since you’ve been away.

That’ll change quickly . . .
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Good luck Nick.

Have a good productive trip.

ASTM needs alot of help themselves! imo

Be kind to them Nick!

Don’t be kind to them Nick. Given the NAHI membership, they and ASTM have a lot of nerve trying to write standards for an industry that already has well established SOP’s. Tell them to pack their toys, MYOB and pi$$ off. :twisted:

Say hi to Mallory.:smiley:

Meeting should be under way now. But I hope you had a Philly for lunch to calm your stomach down for round 2. :mrgreen: Keep us posted as to the B.S that N.a.h.i. tried to spread. :twisted:


I did not mean that in a good way! Someone needs to break it off in them!

Hey Carl,

I finally got my first red square for that. Hey you cowardly POS, sign it with your name or stay off the BB. If you can’t stand behind your opinion in a public forum, go somewhere else. There is no reason for ASTM to become involved in our business, plus any ‘standards’ they write will be a joke. Read the ASTM standards for a Property Condition Assessment (E2018-01) and read all the nonsense that has nothing to do with the condition of the property.

ASTM Vote today was 103 - 49. Issue is dead.

ASTM will not proceed with the development of HI Industry Standards.

Congratulations, Nick:

You and many other level headed individuals have put a stop to this insanity.
I was just advised that you and they have won the day and defeated the ASTM Standards review. This is the message I got:

There were 59 for the measure, 4 botched ballots, and 106 against. Of the attendees it was reported that there were about 90 from ASHI, 10 from CREIA, Byron [FONT=‘Calibri’,‘sans-serif’]Duerksen [/FONT]represented A.I.I.™, Nick Gromicko represented NACHI, and the rest were NAHI and a few representing states with orgs like California’s CREIA. It is quite a relief to know that this beast has died for now.

Bill Mullen
CAHPI Past President
Sarnia, Ontario

Great news! Thanks, Nick

Outstanding job, Nick and company! :smiley:

NAHI announces


Near the end of this page it says

I wonder which message board they are talking about? :slight_smile:

The turnout was quite impressive as many traveled from California, Utah, Missouri, Florida, Illinois, etc…

The turnout was predominantly ASHI.

About now, there is a woman flying home from Philiadelphia wondering why she ever left the penile implant business…

The entire ASTM SoP thing is a joke. The first meeting was held at a NAHI seminar where of course NAHI would have the majority vote. The second meeting was held in Philly where ASHI would have the majority vote (90 I believe). Its all so stupid.

IF ASTM saw money in writing an SOP it would be done and it does not make a rats rear end what NACHI, ASHI or NAHI thinks about it.

A SoP is something that theoretically sets a trade association apart (but it does not). That is why each group wants their own SoP and each group believes theirs is superior.

The fact is NACHI, ASHI or NAHI SoP do not mean squat in regulated states like Texas, North Carolina or Oklahoma. In a regulated state with an adopted SoP the trade group SoP is dust in the wind; tissue for the toilet.

Do not dismay, any good expert could sue under any trade association SoP. All SoP have holes a lawyer can drive a truck through, including NACHI.

The fact is the home inspection industry is a microcosm relative to other businesses. It simply does not deserve the time to unify the SoP.

Just make it easy to get a license; promote or require insurance and voila you got consumer protection via the courts. The disposable inspector theory.

An SoP never will and never has assured quality.

ASTM voted down? Baloney. If there is money in it ASTM will run the trade association rear end over like a Mac truck in a bug storm.

And don’t forget NAR. They are more powerful than all the groups put together. As long as you keep assuming property condition liability and keep the agent off the litigation hook they will let you run free. Assuming liability is why home inspection exists. Step on the TAR toe however and the Mac truck will look like a Tonka toy. TAR will squash everyone flat.

This meeting was not victory for the trade associations. It was a victory for ASTM to dump a non-profitable project. They are laughing their *** off at us.

I guess you could say she is going to “take her balls and go home?” :mrgreen:

Bill Mullen, thank you for the congrats from up North.

NACHI, ASHI, IAC2, AII, and CREIA along with several state associations won!

The “we’re relevant too, and do big important things” association lost.

You should all be pleased to know that we won’t be under the thumbs of REALTORs or builders who can afford to buy tens of thousands of seats on ASTM’s inspection committee (yes, they sell the seats for cash).

You should also be pleased that you are once again free to use the SOP of your chosen association at absolutley no cost and without having to pay a copyright royalty to ASTM every time you do an inspection.

ASHI’s President elect and I calculated that the whole thing cost our 2 associations over $100,000.00 in expenses and lost inspections to fight this battle… and it was a battle worth fighting.