I'm pleased to announce that InterNACHI has hired a cartoonist. Yes a cartoonist.

We’ve contracted with WAHI member and cartoonist Ted Glover to produce the Inspection Cartoon of the Month.

They’ll be run right here on this message boad.

Stay tuned.

Hope those will be in the member’s only section for use by the Membership …



Nothing says it like satire.


Should I make them member password protected then? He mailed me a bunch yesterday and I’ll probably have them by the weekend.

may be a good idea if agents and certain lawmakers are included.

Borat says ubetcha


Geeez Nick we have a whole BB here full of clowns and you pay good money for a cartoonist. Well Okay I guess we all need some real humor in our lives:D

Thanks will be watching for it

Installment #1 just for you, Charley



You could have Chris set up an easy script that would allow InterNACHI
members to copy the script into their web page. This would automate the
updated cartoon every month and ensure that the most current cartoon gets
the maximum exposure on everyone’s web sites.

Here is a cartoon idea:

** CUSTOMER**: Can you give me a discount?
** INSPECTOR**: Sure… if it’s alright if I do not report some defects. You can
save some money and I can save some time and leave my
thermal camera at home? :mrgreen:
** CUSTOMER**: Nevermind… I understand now. :wink:


I’ve seen much of Mr. Glover’s work. I don’t think our potential clients would appreciate the humor he portrays. It’s sorta “inside baseball stuff” as he pokes some fun at clients.

Mr Glover might need instructed to leave the client alone and go
after the Realtors. That is where the humor is. :mrgreen:

John, are you never bemused by some of the things your buyer’s or seller’s say? There is plenty of humor there IMHO.

Not bad…



Not the same Glover John.

Ted is the first name of the newly hired I-NACHI cartoonist.

I deleted the mistake.

I cannot find any cartoons by Ted Glover… hmmm.

Ted Glover draws cartoons for the W.A.H.I Inspector publication.

My favorite cartoon below:

Is Your Inspector Blind?

**Is your home inspector blind? If he’s not a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), he might just be! **

Nick I have an idea, get him to draw a picture of D. Harris & Lewis C… Don’t show him any pictures, just let him portray them according to their post. It will be fun to see what he comes up with. :smiley: