I'm pleased to learn OACETT accepted our online courses toward membership recently.


… and they are great courses: www.nachi.org/education.htm

“Planet NACHI… resistance is futile”

An admissions committee examiner accepted InterNACHI course(s). This does not mean that OACETT has officially evaluated our courses as we have only submitted all them for official evaluation today. We expect them all to be officially approved.

Hey Nick
for us people that dont know this short form of OACETT
could you tell us what the long version is.

Make yours a Great Day!

Ontario Association of Civil Engineering Technicians and Technologists - a person noting CET as an example.

cool thanks

Not a big deal!

OACETT,as Claude indicated is an organization of engineering technologists and technicians,as a member of this organization,I highly doubt they are interested in Nachi affairs or training or education materials