I'm proposing a new tagline for Porch tomorrow

I have a meeting with Porch tomorrow. It’s a regular chat their CEO and I have just to keep each other updated and see if either organization can help the other. I’m proposing a new tagline for them tomorrow. Their current one isn’t very good. So I did some thinking. What does one do on a porch? One relaxes. That’s the main purpose of porches. A place to relax. That’s why porches have rocking chairs. And Porch offers a lot of services to handle stuff that is often a headache to deal with. I first came up with “handle it for…” because handle is like handyman (a service they offer), but “take care” is such a powerful double entendre that I couldn’t not use it. I also like that it ends in “for you.” Anyway, here is my proposed tagline for Porch:

Relax… We’ll take care of it for you.