I'm ready for Toronto

I just bought my airline ticket for Toronto. I look forward to meeting everyone.

I was born ready brother! I will see you in Toronto!:cool:

How will I know it’s you when I see you Mario?
Are you the cool guy with all the money coming out your pockets?

How could you miss him? He’ll be the only neon orange guy with shades on!

Mario was born cool and even his rubber ducky wore sun glasses… :mrgreen:
Now that’s COOL…!


I’d love to attend a meeting with the Canucks, but I just sent my kids to Santo Domingo, DR. for a kids summer camp and I’m taking my wife on a 10 day vacation to Spain and France. I haven’t been alone with my wife since my son was born seven years ago. This will be a well deserved vacation. I’ll miss you all.

Enjoy the meeting…

We had to purchase a second Ballroom and open the wall between. It should be a pretty big meeting. Lots 'o fun!

Here’s your buddy Mario with Good ole’ Roy.

marioand roy.jpg


HEY…!!! I won that door prize and gave her away. No kidding.
I forgot.

I think this guy owes me…:mrgreen:

You have a good memory John!!!
I had a great time in Vegas, Nick provided everything for me, first class all the way.
True story…Deanna and I had dinner at one of the hotels on the strip. We had valet park the vehicle and walked to the restaurant that was situated at the very back of the hotel. I swear that every guy in the casino took second and third looks at Deanna!!!
You missed out bro!


It would have been good to meet you! Maybe next time!

Thanks Dominic!

I’m a big spender John! Money doesn’t yield anything until one spends it, remember that!

She who must be obeyed said to tell you that I get to live another day… :mrgreen:

There will definitely be a next time Mario. I’m looking forward to it.

Have fun in Europe my friend, there will allways be a next time!

I will and I’ll be sharing pics next month.

I’m looking forward to meeting you John! I hope to do so in Toronto. It will be a great place to get to know a lot of the guys behind the names, on the mesaage board,as well!

Kingston was great, Now bring on Toronto!