I'm Selling Crawlspace Creepers - Check em Out!

Thank you Peter, I appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

Any photos of heavier inspectors on one of these?

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I’m 6-8 and 285 and use one. I’ll get some more photos and a video posted soon.

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Here in Tennessee most crawl spaces present multiple obstacles such as debris, drain pipes and other plumbing and coax cables. It may work fine for newer homes, but many of those are even high enough to walk in. It would bother me to get to some extreme point under a house where I’d have to abandon it to finish inspecting and then go all the way back to retrieve it (instead of taking a shortcut under ductwork to the exit).

I think you do need to do a video of its use in a challenging crawl space to really boost interest.

Best wishes for your success!


I agree 100%. I rarely crawl in a crawl space . I roll. Rolling is much easier on the body and way quicker. I think crawlspaces should be called roll spaces. IMHO

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Well here in my area many home inspectors and pest inspectors use them. I know inspectors who won’t approach a crawlspace without the Crawlspace Ace. Every crawlspace is different just like every road. You take the path with least resistance. This tool works and works well, maybe it’s not for you. I’d rather cruise a crawlspace than roll or slide etc… I’m speaking from experience and not just rambling. Thank you for your comment.

Periodically I do foundational system inspections on manufactured homes for an engineering company.
Which means I’m spending a long time down there and covering a lot of ground, and it can get very tight at the lower areas of the house chassis. I have to take a lot of pictures for their report and need good lighting. So I push along a rechargable spot light and I recently started putting all my tools, extra flashlight and camera in a small cardboard box and push that along as well. I could definitely see using this Creeper to help me move along, and if its too rocky etc, I could use the Creeper to push along my kit without kicking up a ton of dust, which really messes up my camera and pictures. I’ll definitely check out your Creeper.

I’m getting to the age that “physical” creeping is going to the “No” side. I’m leaning to the robotic crawlers when I finally give up crawling in a crawl space, then, I will decide to invest in one or pass on the inspection, :wink:


Hello everyone, you are now able to purchase the crawl space crawler directly from the official InterNACHI website at https://inspectoroutlet.com/
Accessory Tools – Inspector Outlet
This is exciting making the crawl space crawler easily accessible for all InterNACHI inspectors.
2 different sizes and 2 different pneumatic wheel choices. High quality plastic or aluminum wheels.