I'm selling my company ForestMaster for $10K.


I think I paid $10K for the domain name alone.

The good news: You basically get paid twice. Once when you do the fire mitigation (big check), and once when you sell the firewood (small check).

The bad news: It is hard work.

You get very little equipment, but I can show you how to run the company, you get the corporation if you want it, the domain name of course, the website, the trademarked logo, letterhead, stickers, signs, decals, etc.

I just want out.

$5K for members.

Note: Don’t buy this business unless you are where there are forest fires. It is mostly a company that protects homes from forest fires. I don’t know about your area, but here in Boulder, Colorado, insurance companies insist that your home be mitigated and you can’t get a certificate of occupancy on new construction unless you mitigate first.

FIREMITIGATION.NET is available for $9.99 at GoDaddy

Just a thought.

I hear ya. I think I paid $50K for the ultimate domain name for an inspector org… Inspector.org

And we never even used it :roll:.