I'm Shutting down tomorrow 11:00 AM

Will be in the front row watching OU Sooners kick the crap out of Miami???

Jeez, CB, and I thought you were cashing in!

Biz isn’t that bad!!!

There’s a couple of things I like about the Sooners
I hope you enjoy the game
Dang, I sure hope that’s not an inspectors wife or daughter. We had us some fun. :twisted:


Thanks, Barry.

That awesome clevage pic sure as hell woke me right up this morning.

Greenie for you.](“http://www.nachi.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=14364&d=1189249158”)

Wow Barry, nothing in need of repair there. :mrgreen:
I recently was considering an assistant and she would have met the criteria.

SouthernHiringChart (3).JPG

SouthernHiringChart (3).JPG

SouthernHiringChart (3).JPG

Great game Barry thanks for the pic that is the way we grow’em here Errr Water melons that is:)

Here is a Texas intern
Notice the spidle placement (exceed 4" sphere) and the light swich elevation, after you pick your eyeballs off the floor :twisted:

What light swich? :shock:


I know you enjoyed that A$$whippin’ I had 2 yesterday and will have to watch it today. Too bad I already know the score. Your world rocks about now!

I will be looking for that at the airport next month.

My wife will most likley have a short leash on me!

To her right I mean left I mean the other right
I’ll have to find the Jayhawk or Chief for you :mrgreen:

Y’all still comin’ down next month?

Maybe a Kittyhawk or a squaw!

How would those look thru an IR camera.


like some of the '60s art

pretty freakin’ awesome!

ain’t going to do this with a b-cam

I was wrong they are cool!