I'm starting a new type of inspection

I think I can do this as part of my home inspection package…
offering various discounts of course…:wink:

from The Healthier Life.

Thermography a Safe and Very Effective Alternative to Mammograms

Do you need a partner?!

My wife had one done recently, she felt alot more comfortable getting the IR done instead of a mammo. Not that one should forego the mammogram, but IR seems to be making headway as far as ease and comfort goes.

I tried it on her. Didn’t know what I was lookin’ for anyway. I’ll stick with using my camera on houses :smiley:


I think I’ll try it on my wife tonight!
That should improve my website rankings if I post them, no?!
Should be able to win website of the year award! :slight_smile:

But your wife will get the camera.:wink:


I offered my wife a free test too but I reckon she too was afraid I was going to
post it on the site as well.

I don’t know what the big deal was…she is from Europe; when I was
in her country she took me to meet one of her female friends…that was an eye full.
Her friend proceeded to show me semi-nude pictures of herself…my wife didn’t even notice until after we left and I asked if all her friends were very “open” or did I just get a special viewing. lol

I must say, I do like her friends…


I guess I had better quit while I’m ahead! :slight_smile:
Bad thoughts, bad thoughts!

Thanks for your post on this serious issue. I know there is often lots of joking around on this messageboard and I don’t meet to be a jerk, but this IS a serious issue. If testicular cancer killed as many men as breast cancer kills women, I suspect we’d have found a cure by now!

Infrared has long been used to screen women for anomalous thermal patterns that can be early indicators of future problems. The power of using IR is that it is non-invasive. For young women and for women who have already have breast cancer (and radiation treatment), this is huge.

One of the problems in this country is that insurance companies won’t pay for it because it is not recognized as a medical procedure. We came close to getting it recognized back in the 80s but it fell apart—in part because some thermographers were doing the work who were not qualified. There is a great deal of good information on the internet but, beware, as it is woven in with much that is misleading or just plain wrong.

IF you truly want to get into this area of application, there are training courses for doing so. Any of us can become qualified to take the images but only a medical professional can interpret them.

At our last Thermal Solutions conference, Prof. Dr. Francis Ring, a world renown medical thermologist, delivered the keynote address. You can use his home page to link to many other related topics. http://www.comp.glam.ac.uk/staff/efring/FRANCIS.HTM

One of my co-workers is just now in her second round with breast cancer so my tolerance for jokes is pretty low. Please do what you can to move this important item forward so that all women, like my wife, daughter, sisters and many friends, can have access to this remarkable technology.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Thermally yours,

John Snell
ASNT NDT Thermal/Infrared Level III #48166
Snell Infrared


Sorry, I try not to cut up so much that I just couldn’t resist!
Yes it is very serious. However as you say acceptance can be an issue.
This is the same with any new technology until it becomes accepted (such as DNA in the courtroom).
I have to agree with you about crap on the Internet. I have posted about this numerous times and unfortunately there are even some that copy the unknown onto their website. The majority of things posted on the website is bogus! One way or the other marketing gets ahead of actual application abilities.
Again, as I said again and again, you must know which are pointing the camera at. How money of us really understand boobs? Whoops! There I go again! :slight_smile:
Seriously now, as with any application we use this equipment on we should take it with the same sincerity (in all reality).

Don’t forget, these cameras can help lead you guys to “moisture issues”. :twisted:

Well this post started off going one way and then. John had to put the boot down!!!

Its good to L.O.L. Good for the heart!!!

My Wife was out in the yeard and did something to her Knee. So i got out the camera and yup there it was very bright red/yellow the other knee nothing like the hurt one…

Had a buyer of a home yesterday as we were going over the home and odd idea pops into his head. young Guy. about 28 or so… Say can you see Chicks naked with that camera? He ask. So I just could not help myself with that so i look at him and just smiled and said… Yup sure can. The look on this young Duds face. mouth wide open. Then I just went back to my inspection of his new home…




No one is making light of cancer by no means, I am sure we all have family and friends that are effected by this terrible disease and hopefully one day there will be a cure…in the last 30 years we have come along ways in treating many cancers that were untreatable back in the 60’s…yet there is nothing wrong with bringing a little levity into ones life.



Good thing his wife or girlfriend wasn’t there…

Dave you just do that and I don’t think you would live long enough to win anything.
Don’t mess with a horse woman have you not figured that out yet:D:D

Is Thermography approved by the ACS and ACR? If isn’t, why should it be recommended?


It is not approved. It should be recommended because it provides remarkable information non-invasively.

They sure have come a long way since I was doing these at U or C, back in 1979. The old camera had to be cooled with liquid nitrogen and cost upwards of a Million dollars.

More sensitive, too.