I'm stuck on 'water management, landscaping ISSUES' lol

‘Help me if you can I’m feeling down… won’t you please please help me’, got that?

What is a harder surface, soil or concrete? lol I think n hope most would answer correctly and win a cookie.

Concrete, plus thick tar all along driveway and house perimeter… keeps leaking…

Tune in Friday on the MILKMAN channel to see why it kept leaking

lol how is this possible, I checked and re-did the link I dunno, like 6 times, its the right link, doesn’t work here

hmmm, this one works, leaky basement… three areas, one is drive-side where we cut concrete-apron, if leaky basements are about ‘water management’ n other knothead thoughts then WHY in the world would this homeowner and many others leak… ya have concrete slabs, ummm they tarred nice n thick lol along drove-house perimeter, gee oh me oh my why in the world would this area leak, got milk?