I'm thrilled to announce the release of 70,000 copies of Inspector's Quarterly.

The new monster-size issue of Inspector’s Quarterly is all finished and being printed. 70,000 copies will go out to nearly every inspector in the English speaking world. The digital version will be available here, next week, for those of you who can’t wait to get it in your mailbox.

Sounds good Nick.


Just one more FREE benefit of being a member of NACHI!

KODUS to you Sir!

That’s great, Nick!
Just send a few hundred to me to pass out at RE offices, though;
I really can’t justify getting 70K . . .
:wink: :smiley:

Inspector Quarterly is a paper for inspectors and Realty Times is for Realtors, right?
NACHI has got so much stuff going on I have a hard time keeping everything straight.

Yes, they have 2 different papers going.

Wonder what the carbon footprint for those publications are? How about trying to go paperless since we are pushing the green inspection thing so much. I managed to create a completely paperless company except for my business cards. I even have a Vcard saved on my PDA phone to beam to realors and anyone else that has the same technology. Don’t you think emailing out a PDF file would be more cost effective and environmentally friendly? What is the EDR Neighborhood report going to show when they pull up the property that is producing the newspaper?

If you are going to talk the talk…walk the walk!

And Mars, Venus, etc.

This isn’t about providing information to inspectors or realtors for that matter. This is no doubt a method to profit from a non-profit organization. It’s done all the time in all sorts of industries. Typically the owners of the non-profit set up other companies to provide services to the subject non-profit entity. I wonder who owns Realty and inspector times? I wonder who owns the printing company producing the publication? If you’ve seen any of the earlier publications, it’s basically a copy of everything on this website and message board in cellulose.

I’m with you on this one, we’re promoting green inspections and education, yet producing a paper based publication in a time when everything else is moving towards electronic delivery based systems.


Im for green to but every now and then its good to take it to print. Its been 2 year or more I believe so it has been spread out. Marketing does call for it every now and again.

So, raise your hand if you stopped using toilet paper? On second thought. keep your hand down

Will Handley writes:

Good theory. Trouble is that Real Property Times’ production, printing, and mailing costs are around $300K and there are only 3 ads in it, only one of which is a paying ad (exactly 1 more paid ad than all of InterNACHI has ever sold on its 260 million hit/year website). Care to explain how that math makes money?


Hm. I wonder who is leading our industry in moving toward electronic delivery based systems and green building? Hints: http://www.nachi.org/comsop.htm#15 , www.nachi.org/education.htm, www.nachi.org/green.htm, http://www.nachi.org/onlineagreement.htm , http://www.nachi.org/fetchreportfriendlyseal.htm , http://www.nachi.org/greenbuildingcoursereleased2007.htm

Good Evening Nick!

I was assuming there are (2) sides to the $300K, (1) party paying for the product and (1) party providing the product. I am also guessing NACHI and Pro-Lab are on the paying side and I’m not quite sure who might be on the provider side. Any idea who owns and or profits from the product layout, design, printing and or other production equipment used in generating the papers?

How about the inspector Quarterly? Same scenario?

You are good, if you found some body to drop maybe $500K on two paper publications with no out of pocket expense to NACHI…

If that’s the case, “Bravo!”

If not, like I said earlier, this is a common scenario for extracting revenue from any number of some what limited and or secure entities. I’ve seen it done at the Boys and Girls Club, United Way and many HOA management companies.

Will writes:

I’ll accept the “Bravo!” … thanks!

It’s not easy to be strong and turn down the 6-7 figure easy ad money that is dangled in front of my nose each year so that members can enjoy nearly ad free publications, a totally ad free message board, and a totally ad free 230,000 page website.

And you won’t find any banner ads over at www.IAC2.org or http://www.certifiedmasterinspector.org/ either.

WOW Scott,… I wonder if you walk the walk to your inspections,… you know, really push the green inspection to the max, hey, you may start a trend. Please post picture of your ladder’s strapped to your back. :mrgreen:

  • Cellulose is paper fiber
  • paper is made from pulp
  • pulp is taken from trees
  • trees are green and a renewable resource. (harvested and replanted everyday)
  • Tons of used paper are recycled every day.
    Whats more green then a renewable, recyclable resource?? :wink:

More green would be not printing everything on this message board in paper, recycled or not. Surely we don’t need to print every email, message and or correspondence along with a million other items. Isn’t that why almost all service companies, utilities and even inspectors use a paperless environment. Yes, I know it saves money, but also benefits the environment. Recycled is good, not using paper at all? Even better!


HA HA, I knew you’d come up with something! :mrgreen: