Image Resizer for XP

I use a 10MP digital camera and it used to take forever to load pictures into my report (Palm-Tec). I found an image resizing tool that takes my picture files from 4,000k down to 40k. The best part of it is that it’s free.

I don’t know why Microsoft doesn’t include it with Windows because they offer it for free from their site. It is one of the PowerToys and here’s the link:

I’m sure that they have one for Vista too, but it’s too buggy, unstable, and costly to upgrade my rig for something that looks even more cartoonish than XP.

Thanks Dennis for the link. Didn’t know about that one. It works well.

I’ve used it for years. Works well. I use VSO for my Vista

I like I can batch convert a whole directory of files into custom sizes into another directory.


Is that the only setting your camera has? Most have options. If yours does I would set it to 5MP or even VGA for smaller pictures.

that is a very useful batch resizing tool…

been using it for years…

I agree with Currins on this one. I downloaded quite a few different resizing tools and found it easier to just change the setting on my camera.:wink: