IMHO you need to look at this

IMHO, this is the closest thing I’ve seen to a product that will actually generate SALES, not just REFERRALS. “Win” for the inspector. “Win” for the client. “Win” for the agents, and keeps agents coming back with client referrals. I think it will work extremely well with FSBO and consumer who want to market their home, too.
In six years of inspecting, I’ve never seen a program like this that wasn’t full of gimmicks that made the inspector jump through hoops. This doesn’t have any of that.
I just signed up after spending 1/2 hour on the phone to hear the pitch. Robert has had some false starts, but has never stopped trying to develop a product that will truly help HIs make more money without time and effort dragging them down. BY GEORGE I THINK HE’S GOT IT.
IMHO, you owe it to your business to look at this product and have him explain it to you.