Immediate openings for inspectors to assess damage caused by Hurricane Sandy

U.S. Inspect currently has immediate openings for inspectors to assess damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in NJ, NY, and Southern CT. Training will be provided in Philadelphia. We are looking for 150 individuals to report to Philadelphia on Monday 11/12/12 and for others to report in the days following with the last day available to report being 11/21/12.

If you are interested please click the following link to fill out the online application: Click here: to fill-out the application and please send a W9 form to us with your contact information at

The Details:
· Report to training and fingerprinting in Philadelphia, for any two days between 11/14/12 and 11/21/12
· Once you complete training and pass your background check you travel to the damaged areas to perform inspections daily for 6 weeks
· Time frame to pass the background check is 2 to 5 days
· $125 per diem is paid during training in Philadelphia and during data processing interim
· If you complete training you can return home until your background check processes but you must be able to arrive within 12 hours of your background check processing
· A travel fee of 50 cents a mile will be paid for 1 trip to training, 1 trip from training to the inspection area, and 1 trip home at the completion of the 6 week assignment
· The total limit of miles that will be reimbursed is 1,400 total miles. If your 3 trips equal 1,500 total miles you will only be reimbursed for 1,400
· Lodging, meals, and travel between inspections is UNPAID
· You must to commit covering all potential damaged areas in NJ, NY, and Southern CT
· You must commit to doing inspections 5 to 7 days a week for 6 weeks
· The pay for each inspection is $45.00, 12 inspections available per day.

If you have any trouble with the online application please contact us at


Network Development Team
U.S. Inspect, LLC

  1. Has anyone dealt with “US Inspect” before?

  2. Is there a guaranteed amount of inspections per day?

  3. Is this paid in one lump sum at the end?

this is a great deal for any inspector currently working within 75 miles of zipcode 32724

or a newbie starving for experience and business.

what kind of inspection do they want for $45

Probably a $65.00 inspection that FEMA pays other inspectors for.

Yep. They basically took $20 off the top per inspection. PARR pulled the contract from them and is not happy based on what I heard last week.

Those of us here who has experience working for PaRR understand that 12-a-day is synonymous with bull****. :roll:

There is a reason so many only do these kinds of inspections once in their careers. Someone makes money, but not the inspectors.

$45 per inspection - what a joke!