I'mmmmmm BACK

Att: Nachi Crew

What happened to my profile picture?

It was gone for likely a year or more and I did nothing to fix it do to my computer laziness.

Thanks for Reincarnating me :smiley:

** DID YOU GUYS DO ANYTHING?** Just curious I figured if it disappeared it would be a pain in the rear to bring back but POOF here it is :slight_smile:

I could see it all along.

Like anyone gives a sh it.

Have you not figured Folks like you no longer matter and your folishness has been shelved.

Bye, Bye you Socialist, Communist, etc… You no longer have a place in this Country.

We Have Taken It Back & Will Never again give the likes of you any say whatsoever. The TRUTH and What IS CORRECT is what is now in CHARGE.

Do Not Go Away Angry, simply just go away to a Country more suited for SHEEP like you.

Baa, Baa. Wait I meant was Bye, Bye. I though you might get the point better in your Native Tongue.

***Will we let you mess things up so bad or get so close to robbing us of our Connstituntional Rights AGAIN…NEVER

Just part of Oppositional Defiant Disorder,
a mental condition to gain attention & then fight/threat/argue.

Have you been drinin’ and smokin’ again?..:wink:

I would not do such things. Seriously the picture just came back and has been gone for quite some time. After they updated once it disappeared and I said screw it now it is back.

Wish you had left it the other way. LOL

I guess that is why I do not have a T.V. show.

I borrowed it for an anti virus image for my computer while you were gone.
It worked very well!:smiley:

It would sure help if it was on Mexico’s side of Trumps new wall. :twisted:

Owhieeee that hurts.

Ignorant little sheep :roll: