IMPC Exam 64 2015 Results/Assistance

Hello. I did a re-take of this exam yesterday and scored a 67%. I am upset to the point that I am appealing it with the ICC. Here’s why: I took the exam at a testing center, which is one thousand times better than online. I was able to have a dry erase board, so I made a tally of all the questions I found the answers to in the books. That total was in between 35 to 40 answers that I am almost 100% certain I got correct. Of course, I checked for “trick” wording and questions and felt confident when I completed it. I took the entire 2 hours and reviewed when I was done. I feel like I got at least 38-43 or 44 of the questions correct. I am aware that the weight of the questions is how they score the test, but how can this help when studying? I do not know what questions I missed? I also believe that this is the third different exam I have taken. The ICC told me there were only two versions. Is there or are there certain questions that carry 20% weight or something? Can anyone assist on what I am missing here? Is certainly is not conducive for anyone trying to gain employment in the field. In my eyes at least. Any help or conversation is appreciated.


InterNACHI just put out a podcast or course about the ICC.

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