Importance of Matching Breakers to Panel.

I came across this video and thought it was an excellent example of why its important breakers also match the panel manufacturer. Its not mine but a good learning tool none the less for both HIs and electricians. Breaker/panel mismatch is something I see much to often. The breaker physically fits, but it may not “electrically” fit. There is an increased chance of failure/melt down. While the panel in the vid may be GE the concept applies to all brands and makes.


Excellent video!


Seen that a time or 2, good video. Thanks for sharing now I can share with someone.

Welcome! The video helped me understand it better too.

Forgot to mention the vid is a bit loud so make sure the volume is down to those who are about to watch it. My apologies to those who did.

Glad everyone liked it! :smiley: