Important info on the National Certification

Stand by I have been told important information on the
National Certification is in the process of being released soon.

I understand there are to be some major changes as it is not doing as well as expected.

Will keep you posted as more comes out

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member .

Please tell us, Roy.

I wish I had access to information like you do. I must have fallen asleep at the meeting on Monday night because I don’t remember the National Certification Authority (NCA) changing anything substantial, but who am I to challenge your sources ?

If your ‘big’ announcement is that the NCA is offering a $ 50.00 discount to only those who applied for the Pilot Project but were not selected, that isn’t news. It was decided last year because we felt bad we couldn’t include everyone in the Pilot Project. Somehow someone forgot about that when the project went ahead this year, but someone brought it up the other night and now it will be honoured.

For your information the number of applications is within 10% of our forecasts. We consider that satisfactory considering we still haven’t got our invitation list for unaffiliated inspectors ready.

Bill Mullen

Gee Bill I guess you to will have to wait for the info to be released.
Very interesting I do not remember reading about the Fifty Dollars discount.

I do not remember seeing where CAHPI has told there members about them being able to attend the NACHI conference at NACHI members rates.

I also did not see where the CAHPI members where told about the OAHI/CAHPI group being offered a free booth at the NACHI conference.

Unfortunately like most Home inspectors in Canada the NACHI BB is the only place where information is open to all.

I do hope you will do the proper thing and make sure this information is posted so all the CAHPI members know about it.

Please also remind them at the same time you will be one of the main speakers at the NACHI convention and will be telling all those who attend how great the National Certification is and how well it is being received .

Off course figures will impress us all.

Roy Cooke

Bill my understanding is that the AGM may be a watershed event regarding CAHPI/National as far as OAHI participation is concerned.

Does OAHI as part of the National have to present its financial info to CAHPI/National and ensurance that signatories are conducting there affairs in a good manner acceptable to the National?

Of course you don’t remember reading about the $ 50.00 discount because it has not yet been announced.

As for the rest of your message above it has nothing to do with the thread.

Now how about telling us all about this great information that you have about the Certification Program ? As far as information being released, Roy, if I don’t know about it, it won’t be anything new.

Bill Mullen

OAHI/CAHPI Ontario are under contract to support, promote and cooperate in the National Certification. Nothing done at the AGM can change that. If anything I expect to see the new Board work harder to promote the program.

Unlike ASHI or NACHI, CAHPI works from the bottom up. In other words, the National association exists and reports to the provincial associations on most matters, on paper at least. CAHPI National cannot dictate to the provinces, and they do not need to have their policies and procedures ratified by CAHPI National.
Thorugh mutual contracts and agreements, CAHPI National is, however, a separate and autonomous body. That allows CAHPI National to own the National Certification Program and have it administered without direct authority from the provinces. Confused yet ?

I think the answer to your question is that any of the provincial ssociations could be doing anything with their finances and CAHPI National could not and would not intervene unless there was a formal, written complaint with documentation.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill thats good info.

Do me a favour, well actually a favour for yourself and your colleagues. Make sure you get your colleagues to fill out Proxy B. Do not let anyone fill out Proxy A. I would vote but I have been denied that right to do so, even though I am a member in good standing.

We are working very hard behind the scenes.

Bill Mullen


Speaking of proxies, how is one who cannot attend the meeting to use the proxy to approve the budget when no one has been provided any documentation prior to the AGM other than a draft which raises many questions, not to mention the lack of other pertinent info.

It would behoove closer scrutiny of what is not being told in the AGM documents, and/or why there are roadblocks being thrown up to obtain this fiscal info that is not being provided. Look beyond what has been provided Obe Won Ka Knobe. :wink:

I do hope you will do the proper thing and make sure this information is posted so all the CAHPI members know about it.

Please also remind them at the same time you will be one of the main speakers at the NACHI convention and will be telling all those who attend how great the National Certification is and how well it is being received .

ALL CAHPI members are welcome at the NACHI convention at members rates

Off course figures will impress us all.

Gee Bill I find it so strange you would deny all the CAHPI members of information that is very important to them…
I am disappointed in you and your association for deigning this information.
I wonder how many Home Inspectors will be satisfied with this sort of treatment of the CAHPI members.
Now how about telling us all about this great information that you have about the Certification Program ?
I guess one more bit of information you do not want released is that you are refusing to tell the CAHPI members about the NACHI offer to CAHPI and the CAHPI members.
I still stand behind my original post and you still are not telling all about the NC.
Time has away of showing who is correct.
Strange how often it happens to Bill.
You can fool some of the people some of the time but Bill can not fool all the people all the time .
Thanks Bill for the confirmation on the NC.

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member


If all you can do is talk in riddles instead of asking a straight out question like others have been doing, I can’t give you any answers. Maybe you should check your medications.

Maybe if someone with some authority had asked CAHPI to tell its members about the offer that you, who holds no position with NACHI offered, it would have been taken seriously. However, I have no idea what the reaction would be, since I am but one of many on the board of directors.

Bill Mullen

Tell them.

Gee Bill ,Unfortunately you have again shown how little you know of NACHI.
You see an association that is many times larger then all the Canadian associations that runs so much more efficiently.
NACHI has many who do much for the Organization and all work well together.
You really can not expect NICK to do it all.
As per usual you have shown your ignorance and proper protocol should have made you or Mike the CAHPI pres to at least made a reply.
This attitude shows what a small self appointed group thinking they can run a National Certification will end up doing.
Your insults on medication shows you just might be the wrong choice to try and present the National Certification.
Your many past failures and this one do not look good for you and your lack of abilities.
I expect I again will be proved correct.

Roy Cooke A happy NACHI member

Added later as you know Bill NICK is a man of few words . There is your answer above ,Roy

Roy Cooke is a PiNACHIo at the bottom of his slippery slope… nowhere left to go, and scared to death he’ll fail the CAHPI qualifications. Scammed his way from PACHI to OAHI, and lied his way into an RHI… then jumped ship in favour of NACHI-land. What a goof.


It's about to fall apart without the wisdom and leadership of Roy Cooke.  In fact, CAHPI is so desperate they even certified losers and fakes like Cam Allen and Gill Stracken.  Good thing they had enough money to buy their certificates, or they wouldn't have made it either.  I even heard that some inspectors with 75 years less experience than Mr. Cooke are already certified.  Ha ha!  
It's worse than NACHI...  why would you fine-feathered folk want anything to do with CAPHI?  It's not going anywhere.  Don't waste your time worrying about it.


Gill thats rather strange coming from you, considering you’re a National Certificate Holder. Hmmmm.

I guess we know this is not Gil.

Who in heavens could it be?

Could it be … ? Nah perish the thought!

You think you know everything. You PiNACHIos dont know whats going on in the real world. Gill Stracken doesn’t have a certificate for anything. He’s a loser and a fake just like you guys.

You PiNACHIos give Gromicko money and he takes you to NACHI land. What a wonderful relationship… he fleeces you, laughing all the way to the bank, and you lap up every bit of it like mother’s milk. Even when he does obviously inappropriate things, tells you tall tales, and fails to deliver; you still lap it up.

It’ll be funny to watch the make-believe Toronto convention flop, just like Florida. But you guys will be there with rose-colored glasses, thinking you see the world. You haven’t got two clues to rub together.

Har dee harr harrrr!!!