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check out this random post

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Did you recommend further investigation by a Post expert? There are plenty on this forum that will be able to help you. :mrgreen:

What did you put in your report?

I’d like to make a post to comment about the post in the original post.

My post is that the post in question is quite an important post.

Although I do not understand why the original poster made a post to discuss this post, as while it may be an important post, it is just a post, not unlike many other posts found posted all over the country. Although perhaps the original poster simply wanted to see how many times the word “post” could be used in one post discussing a post.

Needs a stamp and take it to the post office . Being from Canada it also needs a customs declaration make sure the value is posted on the post .
Also all mail to USA now goes via air mail so the charge is higher and the service is slower . .

Took 11 days for me to ship 8 disks to Georgia

Why did you wait 11 days to go to the post office? You should have gone on the first day and saved 10 days! :mrgreen: :wink:

Man! The towns in Canada are really spread apart!!! 11 days to get to a post office?!

Love you guys,
Really extra sharp even after Loosing an Hour on Sunday .
Thanks for the chuckle .

Post mortem.