Important Question To All

Does anyone have some data that verifies what
key words are used most often when a buyer
is looking to purchase a home in a local area?

I am seeking this data and would like to create
a road block in front of them on the search


I tracked Google and Yahoo for about a year at their paid advertising.

Home Inspector Phoenix
Home Inspection Phoenix
Home Inspection Scottsdale
Home Inspector Scottsdale

The three words always outperformed other variations with the most clicks, using the keywords “Home” first, rather than the “City”

try… Tucson Home Inspector… Tucson termite inspector.:cool:


I agree that those are the key words for home inspectors.

But… my question is “what are the key words that people
use when they want to BUY A HOME in a local area?”

It is a tie between the word “certified” and the name of the City they are looking in.


If someone is looking to BUY A HOME… what are the
most common key words used?

I DID NOT SAY… they are looking for a Home Inspector.

I know we home inspectors have a one track mind, but
try to switch channels for a moment.

Ahhh…I see your point John, good thinking!

I’ll have to check into that, a couple of my realtor friends use adwords and yahoo search marketing, they would be able to give me some statistics.

I might be switching a few words around myself…:smiley:

Very interesting…

Homebuyers are a subset of everyone searching for home inspectors and this subset is particularly important to us as it is this subset that most likely purchases our services.

John, I’ve tried to explain this several times on this message board but failed to make it clear why it is of little importance for us to know what the keywords used to find a home inspector are but very important for us to know what the keywords homebuyers use to find home inspectors.

The two keywords most used by actual home buyers are “certified” and the City the home the homebuyer is buying is in.

So “Certified Home Inspectors in Boulder, Colorado” would be a very common search.

“Certified” is at the bottom of the food chain regarding that word used in any phrase…I’VE TRACKED IT FOR A YEAR…:smiley:

It’s used so infrequently it isn’t worth having in a pay-per-click campaign.


I cannot speak for anyone else, but if “…a road block …” means that a person who is searching for a home FIRST comes to your site, well if that person were me I would not use you under any circumstance. It seems rude at best. :shock:

John, see Dale’s post above… see what I mean. I’ve tried to explain the question you are actually asking several times on this board to no avail. I’ve given up. I always get responses like the one above. If you can figure out how to say what I know you are saying, I’ll give you all the credit in the world.

Don’t give up Nick…Certified is just not a frequently used search term in ARIZONA anyway…and we are certified.

Look how Dale thinks that the worthiness of a pay per click campaign is correlated to the frequency of the word use. I’m not picking on Dale as everyone else makes the exact same mistake.

Like I said. I’ve tried to explain. Your question John nailed it.

It has NOTHING to do with its frequency of use. Who cares about that? Not me. Unless you just want to see your hit counter to spin, if that is the case buy click thrus on porn sites, they get the most traffic.

Certified isn’t really worth a dam used in anything Nick.

“Homes in Scottsdale” is GOOD

If your website shows up when someone is LOOKING FOR A HOME…SKIP the CERTIFIED…:smiley:

Let me try this way:

There are 3 things you need to know (and none of them has to do with frequency of use), unless of course you just want traffic, any traffic, even traffic that doesn’t lead to sales.

#1. Who do you want to come to your site.
#2. What key words do you use to get THOSE PARTICULAR people to your website.
#3. How do you get EVERY DANG ONE OF THOSE particular people to dial you phone number.

If it is just more traffic you want, then disregard everything I’ve said.

Anyway, the answer to #2 is “Certified” and the City you service. Of this I have no doubt.

When I had a adword campaign there were more calls from the keywords “Homes In Scottsdale” than anything else…The buyers were clicking it and calling for advise and inspection quotes. (and bookings).