Improper flashing 4-Point inspection

Doing a 4-Point inspection and found this flashing repair. Client stated he did his own repair. He stated it leaked a couple of years ago. He did this repair and now it doesn’t leak. I saw no evidence of leak on the inside wall.

How would you write this. I think this needs to be repaired by a quailfied roofing contractor.

Also I would also call improper roof covering on the flat roof. This should have been a rolled comp roof.

Also should I mention about the utility wiring hanging too close to the roof covering. I cant quite remember shouldn’t it be three feet above the covering.

Just asking others for input.

The flashing is the least of his worries!

The wires are too close to the roof and appear to go over the pool.
The shingles look pretty worn. What kind of life expectancy did you give the roof?
Any permits for this roof?

Those shingles might be the elusive “low slope shingles”! :shock:

Yes to your questions.
You** know** it should be repaired as needed by a certified roofing contractor-YES
3/12 or less roof slope should have flat roofing material (Florida)-don’t say what type.
Flat roof (3/12 0r less)requires 3’to 8’ clearance depending on access-I recommend you get a code check book


Roof life expectancy was about 2 years. I couldn’t see fiberglass matting yet, still enough granules. The roof is 14 years old and was permitted.

Im calling out the utility wiring hanging too close to the roof.

This was an interesting 4-Point:D

Then, with 2 years left on the roof, he isn’t going to like the next phone conversation with his agent!

FPL will take care of the wiring, except for the masthead. He might be wise to run it underground.

As for being interesting, they all are! :mrgreen:

Looks like a room was added without moving the service - not compliant. That roof appears to be less than 2/12 and no shingle is approved for that. Minimum slope for 3-tab shingles is 2/12 and dimensional shingles are usually not recommended on slopes less than 3/12. The tie-ins for the addition are leaks waiting to happen…unprofessional repairs noted.