Improper valley?

This is something I see all the time… Just wondering if there is a catchy name for this… if not can make one?

Best answer I could find. Sagging Roof Edge. Could be caused by a number of things. May be best to just observe and report. Here is a post by another FL inspector.

Based on the ladder behind the hand, I assume this is the roof edge. Post is titled “Improper Valley”.

Looks like a ridge to me.

Looks like a raised drip edge condition to me…not good, and should be repaired for proper runoff.

Thanks for the link Thomas. I will call it a “sag” valley. Sorry I did not give more info on this. This house is a simple “ranch” style gable home. 4 sides . Pic not gable end. Posted this cause I am tired of seeing 2/12 roofs with shingles!

Valley is to confusing… edge sag

Looks like a potential for a leak and/or water damaged. Was there any water stains on the soffit?

Brad is right, it’s not a valley, two roof slopes don’t come together there, it appears to be the edge of the roof which for some reason is raised enough to cause water to pool behind the lip, increasing the chance of leakage. Improper installation more likely to leak than a roof installed properly.

It is definitely NOT a sagging valley.